How to wear gold jewelry

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Contemporary belt buckle-styled ring is a fashion statement by itself
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How to wear gold jewelry depends upon your personal style and wardrobe

The best piece of fashion advice to know how to wear gold jewelry is that wearing less gold may be more effective.

If you choose to wear a spectacular gold necklace, tone down the rest of your jewelry or eliminate other pieces altogether. Balance your jewelry and try to follow this premise of jewelry wearing: one statement at a time.

Slip on an oversized, contemporary gold ring and wear a simple, long gold necklace. Let these two pieces complement each other, not fight for attention.

Gold jewelry can be worn with its classic companion: black clothing. Gold has a "warm" tone, so it works well with autumn colors, and is stunning when paired with primary colors or hot jewel tones. Gold is always appropriate with white, making it a versatile metal for jewelry. A gold choker with a soft white blouse is both business-like and sexy. Gold can be worn in the daytime, or with evening wear. It is also a good choice for any season.

Gold jewelry has been made by men since the Bronze Age. Obviously, it has lasting appeal. The largest portion of mined gold is for jewelry production.

One of the first steps in knowing how to wear gold jewelry is to choose the color of gold that you prefer.  Pure gold is yellow. The "gold" color of gold is derived by alloying the metal, which enhances the color. White gold is gold alloy with white metal in it. White gold against a diamond is a lovely combination.

Rose gold, which is either rose-colored, pink or red, contains more copper, which produces the rose color. This gold is sometimes referred to as Russian gold because it was extremely popular in that country in the early 19th century. There is also black, grey, green, blue and purple gold.

Choose between 12- 14- or 18 karat gold. The vivid, rich colors of 22 karat and 24 karat may well mesmerize you but remember you are paying for the karats. The higher the karat of the gold the more expensive the piece of gold is. Karat refers to the gold content in the piece of jewelry. Gold content is also described in terms of fineness, which means gold content expressed in parts per thousand.

One disadvantage of the higher karat gold is that is softer and if you are hard on your jewelry you might be better off with a lower and harder karat.

Some women, and men, like to combine silver and gold jewelry. At one time wearing gold jewelry with silver was considered a fashion faux pas, comparable to wearing white shoes after Labor Day. Not so much anymore. Put on a gold chain with a silver one and mix up gold and silver bangles for a beautiful effect.

The only rule that you need to remember when mixing gold with platinum is that if worn side by side a platinum ring will wear down the gold ring because platinum is harder than gold and much more durable.

If you hear the expression dirty gold in reference to gold jewelry this does not mean that the gold is literally dirt; it refers to the gold being produced in a social and environmentally irresponsible manner. There are organizations who are trying to ensure that gold mining is done in a manner that promotes and safeguards the environment.

Historically, women have loved wearing gold jewelry because it makes them feel beautiful and perhaps even sexy and confident. Gold jewelry is associated with marriage and some religions.

In a nutshell, gold jewelry is versatile. In addition, gold is a good investment. Gold is a financial asset that you can wear rather than stashing away in your safety deposit box.

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