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November 22, 2011
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A list of the best of American style fashionContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

While Americans scramble to buy the latest styles from Parisian runways and Italian boutiques, fashionistas in the rest of the world are snapping up samples of American style fashion.

Yup, that’s right! American style is all the rage in the places we think of as the world’s fashion capitals. They love our look, our casual flair as much as we love their cutting edge style. What do they love most? Here’s the American looks the rest of the world loves to imitate.

Red White and Blue


red white and blue fashions

There’s no better way to start a Best of All American Clothing list than with Old Pueblo Traders. As the name implies, Old Pueblo Traders started in the American Southwest and grew into a jewelry and clothing company that offers well-made clothing from American manufacturers like Alfred Dunner with a distinctively all-American look.

Browse all the selection here and outfit yourself in something patriotically red, white and blue, or opt for a Native American/Southwest look. Both are pure American style.

Dan’s Comp

All American shoes

A list of the best of American style fashion

It’s since gone worldwide, but boarding started right here on our own shores. Remember ripping the metal wheels off cheap pair of roller skates and screwing them onto the bottom of a plank? Yeah, me neither. But rumor has that that’s how it all started.

Skateboards have progressed just a bit since then, along with the fashion that goes with them. Vans, and Dan’s Comp has a huge selection of ‘em, have become nearly as important as the board they’re sitting on. These are American fashions you’ll find on both sides of the pond.


Classic looks that last

Classic American styles that will be as in-style in 20 years as they are today….that’s the National style. And it’s something most European fashion can’t say. National Clothing is a great place to buy quality pieces that will last and look good no matter what the glossy magazines are showing this month.

Margaritaville Caribbean

Key West style no matter where you are

Margaritaville tee shirts

Plug in the blender and open the rum, because this is the Islands, mon. Or at least the Island of Key West.

The look and feel of Key West captured at Margaritaville Caribbean is one of the most popular American looks abroad. They love our Hawaiian shirts, graphic Ts, baseball caps and oh-so-comfy soft cargo shorts, as much as they love everything they represent about the American spirit. It’s that devil-may-care, anything but up tight style that so represents what most Americans are deep down, even if it is hidden under suits and tie or high heels and pencil skirts.

Horse Tack Co.

Ride ‘em cowboy! (Or cowgirl!)

Is there anything more all-American than a cowboy? Maybe that’s why people the world over associate cowboy boots and cowboy hats with the good old U.S. of A. After all, whenever a European is asked to do an American accent, it’s inevitable that it will something straight out of Dallas or the old West.

And while you’re stepping into the consummate American look with that pair of boots, don’t forget the other iconically American gear, from felt cowboy hats to Western shirts, etched leather belts and of course our good old American blue jeans. Horse Tack Co. has all that and more, from workwear (a surprisingly popular fashion choice in some parts of the world!) to Western style dress clothes.

Whenever you think the capitals of style are somewhere on the other side of the ocean, take a look around. When the residents of the world’s cities are copying our style, we have made it as world fashion icons!


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