Accessories change the look of drapes

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Incorporating tassels into your window treatment is a wonderful way to give your draperies more bang for the buck
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A so-so drapery can become a hot tamale with the right accessories

You can make run-of-the-mill drapes suddenly stop traffic simply by incorporating decorative accessories into your window treatment. Accessories change the look of drapes dramatically. You can change the feel and mood of your home by changing the look of your window treatments with drape accessories.


For example, a fancy decorative wooden or iron drapery pole that is left exposed is one way to up the "wow" factor of your drapes. Add tassels and tie backs as accessories for draperies. Tassels are exquisite and add Old World charm. Tie backs are not only a wonderful aesthetic detail but are practical: The tie back holds the curtain off to the side.  This is a good way to introduce some sparkle (beads) or an unusual design into your room. A little drama in your tie back or via the use of tassels will give your room additional flair.


There are so many gorgeous accessories for draperies that you may have a hard time choosing what you want. Keep in mind the style of your home and your drapes and then select the decorative accessories that make you smile. Since the accessories are not large, you can go a little bit wild.

A traverse curtain rod shows off the clip rings, which can be wooden or metal, and features the easy closing that is afforded by a traverse rod. When you use a decorative rod, also called a curtain track, and from which you hang your drapes, this is a wonderful way that accessories change the look of drapes. You can finish off the look by adding finials to the ends of the poles. Finials are round, square, Georgian or designed as a folded leaf, twisted or in about any configuration that you can imagine. Finals are constructed out of wood or metal. Adding a finial to the end of your curtain rod turns an ordinary curtain rod into a work of art. The purpose of a finial is to emphasize your drapes.

You can provide decorative accessories in an elegant fashion by incorporating cords, lace, ribbons and velvet trim as well as decorative textile bands. When adding decorative detailing to your curtains, keep in mind the weight of your drapes, proportion and scale because you do not want to overcome your draperies with ornamentation that is too ostentatious and overwhelming.

Trims can be used to edge your drapes, which will add some pizzazz to your draperies. Trims come in linen and silk, as well as synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Top of the line textile bands that are decorative are called passementerie (or trim.) This trim will give your draperies a finished look. Passementerie (pronounced pahs-mahn-tree) is an ornate trimming of bead, cord or braid or a decoration or adornment of a collection of fine artisan jewelry.

Consider adding braiding to the bottom of your draperies. A type of scalloped or looped braid that is narrow is called gimp and is frequently used to cover upholstery tacks on chairs but you could use it as a finishing trim on your draperies.

Attach beaded fringe to your curtains or use the beaded fringe as a tie back. There are some absolutely spectacular beaded trims available that will turn your unexceptional draperies into something worthy of a wow.

Another idea is to use piping along the edges of your drapes. Piping, which is a fabric covered cord, can be stitched in the seam and adds understated detail to your drapes.

Draperies can be made into a pinch pleated curtain, a French pleat or a triple pleat. This is achieved by triple spacing pleats that are formed by tape that pulls through the cords. The pleats are closely pinched together at the bottom so they fan out towards the top of the drape. Buttons can be used on the pleated curtain, pulling two pieces of fabric together to create a design.

A rigid form of a tie back is a hold back. The hold back is attached to the wall. You gather your curtain into the hold back and it does just what it says: It holds back your draperies. If you have a contemporary home, a metal hold back would fit right in.


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