Gift ideas for cat lovers

By Susan Crowley
Info Guru,

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cat sitting next to wrapped gift
Some cat lovers like cute little cat-themed knick knacks
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Know any lucky and spoiled felines? Here are some gift ideas for cat lovers

Personally, I love cats. (I love dogs, too, but I happen to have two cats.) Or, I should say, the cats have me. One can never really say that one owns a cat; it's the other way around. Let's face it - when a cat takes up residence with you, that cat owns you. You might want to deny it, but most honest cat loves admit (sheepishly) that they are owned by their cat(s).

I'm one that fits into the category of liking to receive gifts for my cats, rather than some cat-themed figurine or cookie jar. Some great gift ideas for cat lovers (who like gifts for their cats) can be found online at one of the many merchants or catalogers that specialize in pet products.

One product that has become the hottest rage is the automatic kitty liter pan; as the saying goes, "It really is the cat's meow!" It does everything—automatically "rakes" the litter, empties it into a receiving pan and keeps the box neat and clean. Many websites offer this amazing litter pan. (They are not cheap—but well worth the price for the convenience!).

Other items include colorful, cat safe collars and identification tags as well as countless toys designed to stimulate your cat's curiosity and desire to chase things—both real and imagined!

Many cat lovers would appreciate a year's supply of their monthly cat medication - or a stock of important cat first aid items. This many not be a "glamorous" gift, but it is truly thoughtful and will never go unused or unappreciated.

Of course, there are feeding and water dishes and many automatic models that can ensure that your beloved feline has a constant supply of fresh water and dry food. Because of today's busy lifestyle, many people are opting to have their four legged companions be of feline rather than canine breeds; the obvious advantage being not having to take a cat for a walk. Food, water and lots of love are all they need. Manufacturers of pet products recognize this and are constantly coming up with innovative products to make your life and the life of your cat easier.

Aside from items created specifically for a cat's use, there are those gift ideas for cat lovers that do include people gifts, such as cat-themed photo albums, picture frames, door mats and welcome signs. There are also a multitude of cat themed serving dishes (for people), jewelry items (like charms and bracelets and a wonderful assortment of earrings), kitchen ware as well as towels and shower curtains. You name it and you'll be able to find unique gift ideas for cat lovers online at the many merchants and catalogers listed in the gift category.

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