Wedding favors guests will actually appreciate

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Sometimes all you need is a simple addition, such as bows, to transform an everyday item into a wedding favor
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Wedding favors guests appreciate are often useful items

Some couples waver on the idea of wedding favors because they've seen people spend money on cheesy favors that guests don't care about or appreciate. Some couples even decide favors are unnecessary. If you like the idea of favors, but you're nervous about choosing wedding favors guests appreciate, try to put yourself in their shoes.


Useful Favors


As a guest at a wedding, would you appreciate a memento that had no meaning or significance to you? Unless your celebration is limited to a few very close friends and family members, your best bet, if you want wedding favors guests appreciate, is to choose useful give-aways. Items that are mostly or only decorative may not appeal to as many guests.


Specific Wedding Favors Guests Appreciate


Here are some suggestions for favors, of various prices, that many guests could find useful in some way:

  • Notepads and/or pens with the couple's names imprinted
  • Chocolate or other candy
  • Candles
  • Soaps
  • Tea or coffee sachets
  • Lip balm
  • Packets of seeds or small potted plants
  • Bags of nuts, trail mix, or similar snacks
  • Lotion
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Bookmarks


Can't This Get Expensive?


Some small items can be cheaply customized to provide to every guest. But some wedding favors can take a bigger bite out your budget than you may have planned. You can make up for this by combining table decorations and wedding favors. For instance, you may decorate the reception tables with small potted plants or fresh-flower centerpieces and make sure guests know you want them to take the plants home.


You can also make or customize favors yourself. Homemade wedding favors can add an intimate and caring touch to your celebration and let your guests know you really appreciate their presence. And many DIY favors are cheaper than if you order personalized items from a supplier.


Other Wedding Favors Guests Appreciate


If you don't like some of the more general ideas above, you may be able to leverage something unique about your ceremony, guests, or location to come up with wedding favors your guests will actually appreciate.


If you're getting married near a beach (whether that's your home or it's a destination wedding), you could provide mini sand pails and shovels. Or if your ceremony will take place in the fall, consider sending baby pumpkins home with carving instructions. Maybe your social circle enjoys a common hobby; in this case, wedding favors could hinge on what you all have in common (golf balls, cooking ingredients, and so forth).


Charitable Favors


Finally, if your guest list contains folks who volunteer, care about social problems, and seem to already have everything, they might appreciate a charitable favor more than a physical item they can consume.


For every guest that attends, you could pledge to give a certain dollar amount to your favorite charity, or you let guests vote on their favorite from a limited list. Or you could volunteer so many minutes or an hour for each attending guest to community service or a charitable organization. If you don't know where to start, you might consult Charity Navigator or some other evaluator to get the scoop on various organizations.

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