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Cable covers, wire looms, cable tags and fire protection for auto and marine wiring

Protect, organize and beautify your car or boat's wiring with a color-coded spark plug wire loom, cable covers and 3M products including:

  • Heat shrink cable covers - Protect your vehicle's wiring and hoses from abrasion, vibration, mechanical stress or high temperatures with expandable braided sleeving. Or color code and protect with easily identifiable heat shrink cable cover tubing in over 15 different colors.

    What's Inside:

  • Fire protection coating and fire wrap - Add a fire protection coating to your car or boat's wiring with fire resistant cable covers. Like their 3M fire barrier coatings for your garage or workshop, these fire resistant and fire proof sleevings protect your wiring, hoses and cables from high temperatures as well as common engine chemicals.

  • Wire looms - Give your engine a new look with colorful wire looms that are as attractive as they are functional. Protect precious wiring and organize cables and wires with sturdy, abrasion and puncture resistant harness, hose, tubing and spark plug wire looms.

  • Heavy duty cable ties and other organizers - Keep wires and cables together and out of the way with their cable organizer protectors, including cable ties, raceways, cable clips and reusable wraps.

  • Wiring and cable tags - No more guess work under the hood when you label with cable tags, or cable ties with tags. These easy to read tags will help you identify each cable, making spot checks and repairs faster and easier.

Protection and beauty for your car or boat's engine…that's Currently, can email you a PDF file of their catalog, while new print catalogs are being made. Please click on the catalog button above to order.

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