Acorn Catalog

Classic BBC programmes and unique gifts for people who think

The Acorn catalog is the perfect place to shop for gifts for anglophiles, BBC and PBS fans, or anyone who appreciates a collection of the best gifts online.

What's Inside:
  • The best of BBC -- Find all your favourites in their collection of dramas like Mystery and the classic Upstairs Downstairs TV programme or BBC comedy DVDs like the unforgettable Benny Hill show, ĎAllo, ĎAllo or As Time Goes By

  • New and old PBS shows -- From the unique sounds of PDQ Bach to an exploration of the universe with Carl Sagan, the PBS documentaries, performances, and dramas you treasure are available from the Acorn gifts catalog and website.

  • Unique gifts with a British flair -- The people at the Acorn catalog have searched both sides of the pond to gather a collection of the best gifts online. Luxurious wraps and capes, clever political novelties, beautiful home accents and always-accurate atomic watches are just a few of the wonderful gifts available.

  • Historical collectibles -- Own a piece of history when you select an historic photo taken from the Gemini space mission and signed by astronaut Wally Schirra, an image of the Titanic signed by survivor Millvina Dean or one of their other exceptional gifts for history buffs and collectors alike.

  • Anglophileís favourites -- Enjoy all this British when you shop the Acornís gift collection. From a gurgling fish jug or set of Christmas crackers to DVDs of the beloved TV programme Upstairs Downstairs, their choices will keep even the most devoted British enthusiast or ex-patriot happy.

Laugh out loud when you watch BBC comedy DVDs like Benny Hillís The Hillís Angels Years set, solve the crimes with Elizabeth Georgeís Inspector Lynley, or delight in the drama of the BBC mini-series adaptation of Jane Eyre. From watches and capes to tea cups and puzzles, the Acorn catalog combines the best of the UK and BBC with Americaís PBS, classic television and unique gifts for men, women, and children in one unforgettable catalog and website.