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Since bursting on the video rental scene back in 1997, Netflix has quickly become a household name, bringing movie lovers across the U.S. new video rental releases right to their doors and instant entertainment through their favorite devices! Netflix not only offers flat rate video rentals online, but they also bring you unlimited online streaming from a collection of thousands of titles! Netflix is the easiest and most convenient way to rent DVD's and watch movies instantly, without ever leaving your couch!

What's Inside:
  • Netflix instant video streaming - Connect your favorite devices to your Netflix account to instantly watch high-quality entertainment right from your TV or computer screen. Netflix video streaming allows you to watch Netflix movies from your queue right on your PC or Mac, Wii, PS3, XBox 360, tablet, smartphone, or any Netflix ready device!

  • Netflix video rentals online - With Netflix, you can still rent as many DVDs as you want, simply add unlimited DVDs (1 DVD out-at-a-time plan) for only $7.99 more a month. With DVDs by mail, you'll get an even broader selection of movies & TV episodes. You can exchange each DVD as often as you want with no due dates or late fees ever! You can add access to Blu-ray discs to your account at any time for an additional $2 a month.

  • New video rental releases - You hate going to the movies, but you hate standing in line at the video store and paying overdue late fees even more. With Netflix, you can still rent DVDs the old fashioned way or watch the newest releases streamed through the internet. Start your free trial today and choose unlimited instant video streaming, and/or add as many new video rental releases as you want with free DVD mail shipping both ways. From black and white film classics to hot new releases and TV episodes from your favorite shows, you'll enjoy great entertainment without ever having to pay late fees again!
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