Baby Einstein

Get your baby off to a smart start with Baby Einstein

It’s great to be a Baby Einstein Mom! With the Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries program, new moms of children from birth to age 2, can celebrate and enhance their child’s development with books and materials designed to help little ones learn about the wondrous world around them through music, art, language, science, poetry and nature!

What's Inside:

From two of the most trusted names in learning, Scholastic and Baby Einstein, comes Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries. This exclusive program celebrates a child’s amazing growth and development in the first two years of life, through Baby Einstein books, music, Baby Einstein DVDs, and interactive Discovery Cards.

Because these are days every parent wants to remember forever, Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries also features an adorable interactive Milestones Certificate to track all of those important firsts – first smile, first laugh, first word, first steps. With Baby Einstein and Scholastic, parents can help their children discover and enjoy the world around him in playful and enriching ways.

Enroll today and receive an introductory package including all these exciting free gifts - a Baby Einstein board book, a Baby Einstein DVD, a Milestone Certificate, and a set of Brilliant Discovery cards plus a new parent newsletter. Check their website for the current new member offer. Then about every four weeks, you receive a package with Baby Einstein books and/or audio CDs, a newsletter and additional Discovery Cards. Club members also qualify for exclusive opportunities to receive other Baby Einstein toys, books and DVDs.

Get your baby off to a great start with Baby Einstein and Scholastic.