Oompa Toys

Unique, fun and safe children's toys, games, dolls & decor

Discover the best baby toys and organic playthings for kids, featuring naturally brilliant toys, décor and gear for babies and children.

What's Inside:
  • Best baby toys - If you're an eco-conscious parent, you'll fall in love with the engaging and utterly enchanting collection of baby and kids' toys featured in the Oompa toy box. Shop by age or by brand to find the best baby toys, games and puzzles showcasing a selection of modern, eco-friendly designs from Kathe Kruse, Haba, Janod, Kaloo, Kapla blocks, Wishbone, Uncle Goose and more of the most popular and well-respected names in the industry today. From bikes and trikes to plush stuffed animals, building blocks to bath toys and tents, you'll have access to the world's most superbly crafted and visually appealing creations with many items lovingly made from 100% certified organic materials.

  • School gear - From backpacks for preschoolers to lunchboxes and luggage for older kids, you'll find the most exceptional accessories for the big boys and girls in your life. Prepare your big kids for school, playdates, vacations and lunchtime with colorful backpacks, lunchboxes, stainless steel water bottles and more adorable gear that features a vibrant display of kid-friendly artwork and eye-catching designs by Crocodile Creek, Dabbawalla, Skip Hop, Ore, Beatrix NY, and more.

  • Furniture & Decor - Create a beautiful environment in your baby nursery or children's bedrooms with a whimsical collection of artwork, textiles, furniture and accessories that will incorporate style, charm and personality into any little one's living space. From floor to ceiling, you'll find adorable area rugs that are perfect to play on and precious crib mobiles that will help your baby drift off into sweet slumbers. Track your child's growth with festive growth charts and transform the walls with fine wall art available in an assortment of children's themes. You'll also find tables and desks, shelving, play tents and indoor swings that will make the perfect addition to any child's play room.

  • Costumes - Treat your precious ones to the best baby toys that are safe to play with as well as the coolest costumes that are fun to dress up in and safe to wear. From swords to tutus, shields to hobby horses, you'll find a fashionable collection of high-quality costumes that can be used year round to help your little ones get in character while enjoying endless hours of imaginative role-play.
You want only the best for your baby. Say goodbye to commercialized plastic toys and hello to the best options for infants and children who deserve the detailed craftsmanship, artful design, quality and durability that is present in every Oompa creation. Make play time safe, imaginative, thoughtful and fun with a beautiful line of toys for babies and children as well as the best decor, gear and gifts that have been hand-picked from destinations all around the world.