Polka Dots

Toys children will always remember

Polka-dots is dedicated to offering those special toys that will be remembered for a lifetime -- toys that inspire imagination. That's what you'll find in their collection of unique kids toys. Visit their online treasury of children's toys for:

  • Classic ride on toys and pedal cars - For generations, ride-on toys and pedal cars have been a childhood favorite, Let your little ones experience the joy of a kid-powered pedal car or ride-on for memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Blocks and construction toys - Blocks and building toys are still one of the very best of all boys and girls toys. Let your kids build their dreams - castles, houses, or giant skyscrapers. Anything is possible with the creativity-inspiring, unique kids toys at Polka Dots.

  • Make believe and let's pretend toys - Children love to pretend to be grown up. Encourage their play with everything from play cash registers to props for dress up games.

  • Dolls to love - Your little ones will love playing with Polka-Dots' beautiful toy dolls. Choose from all the accessories make-believe mommies and daddies need to care for their baby dolls, including strollers, beds, swings and backpacks.

  • Hand puppets - Children love to create their own stories - help them act out their original creations with some of their adorable animal hand puppets.

  • Children's bedding and furniture - Make kids' rooms extra special with bedding sets and furniture from Polka Dots. Make sleep overs more fun with cozy sleeping bags too - keep a few on hand for little last minute guests,

  • Dollhouses - One of the most popular choices for creative play is a dollhouse. Polka-Dots has dollhouses, dollhouse furniture, and dollhouse families to encourage fun and productive child development play.

From classic wooden toys to kid's sleeping bags and room decor, you'll find everything you'll need to create a happy, imaginative play environment for children. No video games. No toys that will break after the first use. Just good, old-fashioned fun!

Each toy is hand picked for quality, uniqueness and play value. You won't find these toys in discount stores. Visit their website and choose unique toys by department, such as pretend play, art, music, for children's sleeping bags, challenging puzzles, toy dolls, games and much more.