Crochet Soiree

Crochet pattern books - Simple crochet patterns and expert accessories

Join the crochet party at Crochet Soiree, where they celebrate the art of crochet by bringing you all of your must-have essentials. You'll find crochet pattern books as well as hooks, needles, yarn and more accessories.

What's Inside:

Crochet Pattern Books - From simple crochet patterns to expert projects, Crochet Soiree features hundreds of pattern books in stock that will suit your personal skill level to a tee. No matter if you're a beginner or an old crocheting pro, you'll find the right book that will guide you through your chosen project with helpful, easy to follow directions.


Crochet Accessories - Fill your basket with a variety of crochet accessories to keep on hand for your next project. Find yarns by type, weight, color or price thanks to Crochet Soiree's advanced search options. Choose the perfect yarn, crochet needles and hooks, hook gauges, stitch holders, yarn bobbins, stitch corkers, coil markers, needle holders, glass beads and helpful crochet pattern books to guide you along the way!


Crochet Kits - Crochet with convenience with all of the crochet accessories you needed included in one complete kit! Whether you're crocheting a new purse or a baby's receiving blanket, Crochet Soiree has an exciting collection of crochet kits to choose from that will help you achieve a handmade creation in no time!


Crochet Videos - Don't be surprised if you find yourself exclaiming "I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting" once you've watched one of Crochet Soiree's bestselling crochet videos on DVD. You'll master the art of crocheting with a little help from an entertaining video that serves as your own personal crochet teacher! Find yourself crocheting with confidence in only a few hours and ready to move on to the next video in the Crochet Soiree DVD library.

From the hottest crochet fashions to the timeless classics, from basic crochet needles and hooks to the latest crochet kits and crochet pattern books to hit the market, Crochet Soiree provides you with everything you need to celebrate the joys of crocheting all day, every day. also aspires to bring crocheters together to communicate and share their love of crochet through blogs, interviews and polls that will help visitors and members get acquainted and stay in touch with other crocheting friends. Share crochet project photos, meet new people, plus discover must-visit yarn shops today at Crochet Soiree.