Explore nature, science and ecology

Bring science and natural history to life with hands-on nature and science for kids in the classroom, nature center, camp, museum, or homeschool program. Choose from:

  • Nature center exhibits - From turtle shells and animal skeletons to snakeskin and dinosaur footprints, they have everything to bring exhibits to life. This is exciting hands-on science for kids, where they can pick up and touch real and replica models of nature's masterpieces -- let the learning begin!

  • Natural history activity kits - Get your students or campers involved in learning with one of their activity kits designed to teach children about nature.

    What's Inside:
    Nature Watch offers over 45 hands on projects for active learning.

  • Resources for science lesson plans Your classroom will be a richer learning environment when you select learning kits, displays and activities from the Nature Watch catalog. Reinforce science class concepts with colorful, informative science & nature posters, science games, and puzzles.

  • Kid-friendly earth science activities - Kids learn best by touching and doing, and no where is that more true than in earth science. Your students will love handling rocks and minerals, breaking open geodes, and learning about fossils by looking at precise replicas of fossil trilobites and insects. Each of their earth science activities will bring students a new apprececiation of the world around them.

  • Hands-on ecology for kids - Take ecology out of the books and into the real world with exciting environmental science activities for your students or campers. Let them test water from a pond or the tap, see how groundwater works, or recycle found objects into art.

  • Space, weather and astronomy for kids - Keep kids looking up as they learn, with a star seekers activity kit, weather prediction set, or exciting solar bag project.

  • Supplies for your science project ideas - Let your students step out of the box and use the kits, tools and collections in the Nature Watch catalog as a way to create their own experiments and science projects, or as nature and earth science activities for after school clubs.

  • Nature crafts - Some of the best science activities for kids don't look like science. Nature crafts are a wonderful way to let kids use their creativity and learn at the same time. From leaf stamps to rubbing plates, they have dozens of ways to inspire children to make art with nature.

From display boxes and ecology projects, to science kits or a nature DVD, Nature Watch brings hands-on learning to your classroom, nature center, camp, museum, or homeschool program.