Science education materials and activities for the science teacher and student

With science education materials designed for science teachers by science teachers, Science Kit brings fun and energy back into the science classroom with science education activities your students will love!

What's Inside:
  • Science education materials - Whether you're teaching Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, Forensics or Physics, Science Kit makes every science lesson exciting and entertaining with science education materials that are both teacher developed and classroom tested! From microscopes to hot plates, beakers to Petri dishes, furnish your labs with the coolest hands-on science tools and materials Science Kit has to offer!

  • Science teacher materials - Find a helpful collection of science teacher materials and resources that complement your teaching style! From display boards and supplies to science videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs and other supplemental products, you'll find the science education materials that allow teachers to get the most out of every elementary school, middle school or home school science class they teach!

  • Science education activities - Like their name states, Science Kit offers an engaging selection of science kits and science education activities that make learning a totally cool scientific adventure! You'll find kits for studying everything from butterfly larvae to crime scenes, geology to the common cold, plus hundreds of other instructional materials for science education!

  • Elementary Science materials - Learning science is completely elementary when you have a science lab stocked with unique products specially designed and created by Elementary school teachers! Find science fair projects students can create from start to finish, Robotics, Logiblocs, bridge sets and more science education materials that will help them master every Life, Earth and Physical science lesson!
Make the study of science a captivating activity for every one of your students with Science Kit's tried and tested supply of science education materials that make every experiment more enthralling that the last.