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Beat cable chaos - from wire management solutions to home theater wiring will tackle your wiring tangles, protect precious connectors, and provide you with the fiber optics, server racks and diagnostic tools you need for all your home, office and automotive electronics.

What's Inside:

  • Cable organizers - Organize computer cables and wiring at home or in the office with cable tubing, expandable sleeving, cable wrap, and wire ties. A telecom or USB cable organizer can make the difference between chaos and order on you desk, behind an entertainment center or in a server room. Choose the right wire management tools from their extensive catalog and make cable chaos a thing of the past.

  • Home theater wiring and mounting hardware - Keep home theater wiring under control with cable wraps, expandable sleeving, and easy to install wire management grommets. Don't miss their audio cables and wall mounting brackets to keep your installation on track.

  • Wire management grommets - Using a cable routing grommet allows you to sort and organize cables as they pass through your desk, cabinet, or shelves. Computer, communications, electrical and speaker wire grommets prevent tangling and reduce wire wear and tear.

  • Wire and cable raceway systems - Direct and control the path of wires and cables with a wire raceway or power conduit. Select from surface mount, vertical or horizontal raceways to channel wires safely between desks, workstations, rooms or even buildings.

  • Cable tags and label makers - Eliminate searching for the right wire or cable every time you need to make a connection by labeling each cable with their easy to use cable tags. Choose write on tags, or print custom tags with a hand held label maker for easy to read identification.

  • Server racks - Build a custom server rack for your array, with their selection of enclosed and open racks, extra shelving, and panels.

  • Fire proofing and fire resistant sleeving, coatings and wraps - Protect your workshop, ductwork, and wiring with an assortment of fire resistant and fireproofing products. Perfect for telecom, datacom, automotive and marine applications, their cable wraps and coatings will extend the life of critical wiring, and protect surrounding structures.
From a cable raceway to high end audio cables, has the products you need to keep your cables and wiring organized, efficient and safe. Currently, can email you a PDF file of their catalog, while new print catalogs are being made. Please click on the catalog button above to order.

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