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Patio Throw Pillows - Brookstone

Patio throw pillows add beautiful decor to your outdoors

If the patio or deck is your favorite room of your home, bring the beauty of home decor outside with patio throw pillows that you'll enjoy alone or with cherished guests.

  • Outdoor cushions are made to withstand sun, heat and dampness so their beauty is tough to fade. Gorgeous patio throw pillows will brighten up any outside area and work for chairs, chaise lounges and benches.... read more

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More About Patio Throw Pillows - Brookstone:

Get the thrill of decorating a garden with as much care as you put into interior decorating. These lovely throw pillows will add a touch of stylish design to your home's exterior.

  • When not in use, place your patio throw pillows into durable storage bags for safekeeping. Attractive cushion storage protects cushions and pillows, keeping them as good as new until you pull them out again. Choose pillows in solid or patterned designs, whatever works with your outdoor furniture and decor. Be clever and mix and match or keep everything simple and uniform with one color scheme. The choice is yours!

  • Brookstone has a variety of comfortable and stylish patio throw pillows that will bring elegance and class to any patio, deck or garden.

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