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Over 1300 varieties of garden seeds, live plants, tools, gear, books, and more

Trust the Pinetree Garden Seeds family to deliver over 1300 varieties of high quality seeds, plants, tools, books and accessories for the home gardener.

What's Inside:
  • Seeds - From eye-catching annuals and perennials to heirloom artichokes and winter squash, Pinetree has all of your seed plant bases covered. Choose from popular fruit and veggie seed varieties, flower and sprouting seeds, heirloom and herb seeds that will add fragrance and spice to your garden bed. You'll also find container plants, micro greens, cover crops, and even options for growing your own tobacco, all featured at affordable prices that any home grower will love.

  • Plants - 'Tis the season to start planting. Prepare for the upcoming seasons with spring and fall bulbs that will have you growing bountiful veggie plants, mushroom patches, and beautiful springtime blossoms as well as a lovely assortment of autumnal options for your garden. Supplement your vegetable garden with plants that will produce delicious and healthy asparagus, onions, garlic, ramps, grapes and berries, hops, sweet potatoes, and more potatoes of every shade and variety. Add splashes of color with spring perennials, gladiolus, and shrubs and say hello to fall with daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, crocus and specialty bulbs, only from the Pinetree Garden Seeds nursery.

  • Gardening - Whether your to-do list focuses on cultivating or decorating, composting, marking or mulching, you'll be sure to find a vast variety of essentials that will help you maintain and enhance any plot or patch on your perimeter. Browse a collection of must-have garden tools and shed staples, decorative and functional ornaments and pest control solutions that will keep insects and critters from feasting on your flowers and vegetable crops. Tend to the soil with fertilizers, mulch, amendments and composting supplies that will give back to the earth.

  • Books &Crafts - Brush up on your botanical skills with a library of gardening how-to and reference books, as well as popular cookbook titles that will give you endless inspiration for preparing and preserving your garden's bounty. If you have more than a green thumb, you'll love Pinetree's craft corner, featuring paper, gourd and soap craft books, soap making kits, scents and supplies as well as fun crafts for creating DIY treasures for the home, bath, kids, kitchen or pets.
Since 1979, Pinetree Garden Seeds has served home gardeners across the country, featuring an expansive inventory that includes over 1300 varieties of seeds, live plants, gardening tools and gear, cookbooks, craft supplies, and so much more.