American Bronzing

Timeless keepsakes from bronzed baby shoes to baseballs

Have your baby's actual first shoes, sneakers or keepsakes bronzed by the original and largest baby shoe bronzing company, for keepsakes that inspire warm memories every time you see them.

What's Inside:
  • Classic baby shoe bronzing - A tradition since the 1930's, bronzed baby shoes from the American Bronzing Company have graced the homes of sentimental parents and grandparents for generations. Preserve the memories of those first steps and tiny feet by having their first shoes or sneakers bronzed. Choose mounted or unmounted shoes for a surprisingly inexpensive price. Now you can continue this tradition or start one of your own.

  • Memorable gifts they'll cherish for a lifetime - Have your bronzed baby shoes mounted on decorative wood bases, portrait stands or bookend sets for unusual baby gifts, holiday gifts or Mother's Day gifts. Or choose them as baby keepsakes for a 1st or 21st birthday celebration. It's never too late to remember those first special steps!

  • Or give a Bronzing Gift Certificate Voucher - Available in different denominations. These make it easy to give the gift of bronzing without having to actually handle the keepsakes! The recipient simply places their order online and uses the Voucher ID number to pay for the bronzing.

  • Bronzing childhood and adult keepsakes - American Bronzing can preserve other treasured mementos, too. Remember a ballet recital or sports season by having their actual shoes bronzed. You can have leather or canvas shoes, cleats, caps and hats, balls, pacifiers and more bronzed as lifetime mementos.
Now it's your turn to join those generations of parents in carrying on this cherished American family tradition. American Bronzing features bright and antique bronze, pewter and porcelainizing finishes and a complete line of mountings (portrait stands, bookends and walnut-finished bases) so you're sure to find a combination that will look beautiful in your home. Since 1934, they have bronzed over 13 million baby shoes for sentimental parents just like you worldwide. And they're the only bronzing company with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

And if you need a truly memorable baby gift or shower gift, you can buy a Baby Shoe Bronzing Gift Certificate Voucher right on their website. Bronzed baby shoes make a gift they'll remember for a lifetime.

Vist their website for answers to all your questions, from How do you bronze baby shoes? to Can you bronze adult sneakers?

If you want to give a baby gift or memento that will last a lifetime, choose the company with over 75 years experience bronzing baby shoes and other keepsakes the American Bronzing Company.