Eagle National Mint

The coin collecting masters - from a Presidential coin collection to Morgan dollars

When it comes to coins, Eagle National Mint is dedicated to offering quality collectibles and special coins at unbeatable prices. Enjoy a wealth of coins, paper currency and timeless treasures that will not only add value to any collection, but also make priceless gifts.

What's Inside:
  • Presidential coin collection - Preserve history by starting your very own Presidential coin collection today. Featuring Presidential dollar coins that honor our forefathers from long ago, each coin boasts a forward-facing portrait of each president, plus a powerful and brand new Statue of Liberty reverse design.

  • Morgan dollars for sale - Morgan Silver Dollars are more than just coins, they represent the very spirit of America. Find Morgan dollars for sale from an 1878 Morgan silver dollar to one from 1921.

  • Rare gold coins - Brilliant, sparkling gold continues to be the standard by which all other precious metals are compared. Find old and rare gold coins pre-1933 and some of the most sought after commemorative silver and gold coins in existence.

  • Silver eagle coins - There is no better symbol for our nation than the American eagle. Choose from the largest collection of brilliant silver, platinum and gold eagle coins for sale. Buy one or a set of every year of uncirculated Silver Eagles. It's no coincidence they're named Eagle National Mint.

  • Panda gold coins - Issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the popular Panda Coin Series, find special Panda Anniversary sets in both gold and silver containing 25 proof coins housed in gorgeous hardwood display cases. Plus they come with a special certificate of authenticity.

  • Error coins - Nobody is perfect, and the US Mint produces billions of coins each year with an almost perfect service record. So when a valuable error coin escapes, it's great news for collectors! Choose from Double Die Lincoln pennies from both 1955 and 1995 or a 3 legged Buffalo nickel.

  • American Buffalo coins - Need one more buffalo gold coin to finish off your series? Find an enormous selection of coveted American Buffalo coins featuring the profile of a Native American chief on one side and a buffalo image on the other, both designed by renowned American sculptor James Earl Fraser.

  • US mint coins - Take a walk down memory lane with a patriotic collection of old US silver coins, pre gold rush coins, gold plated coins and more. By them individually, or in a roll to celebrate our country's classic US coinage.
Whether you're searching for commemorative coins for sale, silver dollar coins presidential coin collections or international coins to complete your collection, Eagle National Mint offers the greatest deals on some of the highest quality collectables on the market. Committed to a higher standard and proud to offer both serious and beginning enthusiasts a variety of hard-to-find items.