Art that flies! Hand painted kites from Bali, Indonesia

Take art to a whole new level with hand-painted kites from the craftspeople of Bali, Indonesia The Balinese Kite store goes far beyond the mass-produced children's outdoor toys sold by a typical kite shop. Their kite designs reflect the one-of-a-kind artwork of Bali artists, using the traditional shapes of butterfly kites, bird kites, and dragon kites.

Available in sizes from extra small to super large kites (up to 10 feet across), each kite is hand-made and hand decorated to create a unique piece of flyable art.

What's Inside:
Check out their website for information about kites and what makes their kite store so different.

Before you buy kites anywhere else, check out the differences at Balinese kites. Whether you choose the smallest sizes as special children's toys, the larger sizes as crowd-pleasing beach toys, or any of the kites as a decorative element for a bedroom, living room or dorm room, you'll be amazed by the beauty of the Balinese Kite store's butterfly kites, bird kites, and dragon kites for sale.

The Balinese Kite store also has hand-carved animal figurines to add a touch of whimsy to any room or décor style.