Fitness gear, exercise equipment and products that promote balance and strength

Achieve balance and fitness for life with premium balance boards, exercise balls, and more innovative fitness gear, only from Fitter First.

What's Inside:
  • Exercise Products - It's time to make that New Years' resolution a reality. Skip the pricey gym membership and explore a result oriented assortment of exercise products, tools and gear that will help you reach your fitness goals from the comfort of home. FitterFirst has everything you need to get energized and fit including balance boards for beginners as well as experts, exercise balls and mats, foam rollers, stretching aids, active sitting products for working out at work, kettle bells, dumbbells, medicine balls, weights, and more strength training fitness gear and essentials for any well-equipped home gym. You'll even find family fitness resources that will help your little ones get fit while having fun.

  • Massage & Therapy - Whether you're icing achy muscles and joints or exploring the benefits of reflexology, Fitter First features a restorative range of therapy products with the tools you need to feel good and get back on the exercise mat. Shop by product or by injury with solutions to help heal and bring relief to ailing arms and ankles, sore shoulders, hands, hips, backs, knees, necks and joints, with therapeutic solutions that can be used at home or while at work.

  • Books & DVDs - Learn the secrets to healthy living with a library of health and fitness focused titles that will help you discover your best self. Choose from fitness training guides, handbooks and helpful how-tos as well as an extensive range of instructional exercise DVDs and videos that will show you how to get ripped, slim and lean whether you're a fan of cardio, core conditioning, yoga, pilates, or all of the above.
For over 25 years FitterFirst has put fitness first, delivering a unique selection of high quality fitness gear for the masses, ideal for beginners and exercise experts alike. Put your fitness goals first and live a longer, happier and healthier life with products that will provide focus, balance and strength while helping you make the most out of every day.