Verilux® Life In A Better Light™

Natural Spectrum lighting that soothes. Experience healthy full spectrum lamps, light boxes and light bulbs

Verilux has the Natural Spectrum® products you need for seasonal affective disorder light therapy, all featuring the natural light so essential to health.

What's Inside:
Choose from
  • A fully adjustable floor lamp or magnifying floor lamp
  • Uplifting S.A.D. bright light therapy lamps
  • Clip-on reading lights and portable reading lamps for natural light wherever you might go
  • Attractive natural light desk lamps for home or office
  • Replacement full spectrum light bulbs for all your Verilux lamps
  • Full-spectrum Verilux light bulbs and florescent tubes in standard sizes to use in your existing fixtures
-- Depression and full color spectrum lighting
For years, researchers have studied the link between depression and full color spectrum lighting. As a result of that research, physicians began prescribing seasonal affective disorder light therapy instead of medication for people who were adversely affected by the low levels of sunlight during winter months. The results were amazing, but the cost of the so-called “light box therapy” lamps meant that the treatment had to be delivered in a clinic or hospital. Verilux lamps were designed to bring seasonal disorder light therapy out of the hospitals and into your home, at a price people can actually afford.

Those who use the stylish desk or floor reading lamps also say their mood is enhanced,too! And it's no wonder, Verilux Natural Spectrum® lamps use the same exclusive lighting technology as their S.A.D. light systems. They even offer portable lights and a full-spectrum clip on reading light, perfect for work, college or whenever you’re away from home.

-- Light therapy for acne
Imagine more beautiful skin without harsh chemicals or costly dermabrasion! Verilux’s own HappySkin Light Box can help your body fight off harmful, blemish causing bacteria naturally. And it works in only 15 minutes a day, without the harmful UV rays some products emit. Find out if Verilux lamps can help your skin!!