Interactive Therapeutics

Speech-language pathology and audiology products and resources

Interactive Therapeutics, Inc. offers widely used speech therapy and audiology materials for therapists, those with communication problems and their families. Providing tools for “Communicating in the Real Worldsm” is their primary objective.

Materials include:
  • Aphasia resources – Whether the result of a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, aphasia is difficult for the patient and the family, as well as others with whom he/she interacts. Interactive Therapeutics, Inc. offers useful resources such as ‘Aphasia: A Guide for the Patient & Family’ to help understand this complex and often frustrating problem.

  • Apraxia and Dysarthria tools – Persons with dysarthria or those with verbal apraxia (also known as dyspraxia) may benefit from the collection of activities such as ‘Oral Images’, designed for use with a therapist as well as for practice at home. Useful learning materials are available to help answer the many questions that accompany each of these problems.

  • Dysphagia materials – You will find specialized materials and resources for addressing swallowing problems - from the ‘Clinical Observational Dysphagia Assessment’ (C.O.D.A.) and the series of informational CDs (‘Dysphagia: The Experienced Clinician Series’) for healthcare professionals to family and caregiver resources such as ‘Swallowing: A Guide for the Patient & Family’ and ‘Dining Out.’

  • Communication aids – The ‘Daily Communicator ®’ (word version communication notebook) and the ‘Picture Communicator®’ notebook provide basic categorized needs/concepts. The easy to use choices give help for communicating in everyday situations for those with limited verbal skills. Healthcare professionals will find the ‘Critical Communicator®’ 4 page picture/word format of assistance in helping staff and families interact with patients in intensive care, post surgery units, emergency rooms, nursing homes, home health etc. The Critical Communicator is available in over 12 languages. This aid helps relieve the frustrations of being unable to communicate basic needs even for a short period of time.

  • Audiology products – Booklets for families and reproducible handouts for dispensing by audiologists and speech-language pathologists provide valuable information tools for helping understand and cope with hearing problems.

  • Innovative speech therapy resources – For over 21 years, Interactive Therapeutics, Inc. has been providing communication and therapy tools for those with communication problems. From communication notebooks to specialized informational materials the staff at Interactive Therapeutics, Inc. remain committed to providing functional materials for those facing communication challenges.

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