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Residential Baseboard Heaters -

Residential baseboard heaters keep your home warm and comfortable

Keep your residence warm and cozy all season long with residential baseboard heaters that work for homes, apartments, tract housing and renovations. The stylish and unobtrusive varieties you'll find at PexSupply work for different types of dwellings, making them a great choice for various applications or projects. Looking for options in heating? See what's available here.... read more

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More About Residential Baseboard Heaters -

  • Residential baseboard heaters for even warmth - The baseboard heaters and heater covers you'll find here provide consistent, even heating during cold weather. Made from high-quality materials and with superior construction, these heaters are designed to last. While they work perfectly for single family homes, they're also built for apartments. Enjoy the versatility and wide range of design that this company offers in the heater market.

  • Works with different decor - When you want a quick and simple switch, baseboard heater covers give it to you. These attractive covers work with different home decor designs, so you're sure to find one perfect for your unique style. Even if you have an older home, these heater covers can bring it up to date in a modern way with this easy fix. Now you can have a consistent look in every room of your home with this simple solution.

  • Secure and safe - Some heaters can be unreliable and less than 100% safe. Residential baseboard heaters are a smart and secure heating option that you can feel safe using. Unlike fireplaces and space heaters, you won't have to worry about this heating choice. This is especially helpful for families with young children. Heating options include baseboard radiators, electric baseboard heaters and liquid filled hydronic electric baseboards for a variety of dwellings.

  • Fit residential baseboard heaters into your home or apartment site today and enjoy consistent warmth all fall and winter long. With such a great selection to choose from, feel confident in knowing you're getting a superior product that's functional and attractive.

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