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Clean your car regularly
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Make your car look better and feel good about yourself because your ride shines!

Just about no one wants to travel in a lacking ride. You want your vehicle to look amazing and make you look even more so. Fortunately, even if your automobile isn't the hottest on the block, you can do a few things to make your car look better.

First, give your car a good once over. Replace exterior trim, accessories, handles, hubcaps and other damaged pieces with authentic replacement parts.

Wash and Go

You might be amazed at just how much washing your auto can do for it. Dirt, salt and other road particles can make your car look dull and less than vibrant. When you give it a good scrubbing; however, you breathe new life into your lacking ride.

Start by rinsing the body off with warm water. Then reach for a ph-balanced car shampoo to get the grime off of your paint. Use a microfiber cloth to rub the shampoo in and to release those particles that make your automobile look not up to snuff.

Rinse the soap off with water, then use a leather chamois to dry it. Allowing the water to dry on its own will result in ugly water drop stains. The chamois will soak up that moisture, leaving you with a flawless finish. Now take your ride for a quick spin to get rid of any water that is hiding in crevices.

Get Your Wax On

Waxing your automobile not only gives it a stellar sheen, but it also protects the paint. Although you may think waxing is a bit of work and sort of a pain, it is totally worth it.

Make things easy on yourself by waxing with a clay bar kit. This type of kit protects your paint and also leaves your auto looking oh-so-shiny.

Spray the lubricant on your automobile in small sections, then work the bar in over those sections. Doing so loosens the dirt and other material from the paint and gives the wax something to hang on to, which makes it last longer. However, don't press too hard, because this can strip the paint.

Now go back over these sections with a carnuba-based high-gloss wax. Apply the wax in a back and forth motion, then remove the wax with a cloth using the same motion. Use a brush to remove any of the dried wax pieces that are hanging around the trim.

Now go and look at your reflection in that gorgeous ride of yours.

Dress Up Those Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Your car relies on tires to get it where it needs to go in a safe manner. First, make sure your tires have enough tread on them to work properly.

Give your tires a good once over and look for any holes or signs of wear. Then stick a penny in between the tread. The tread should reach up to Abe Lincoln's head. If not, it's time to get some new tires.

Keeping them clean with the right car cleaning products can make them look brand new. Also, adding some new hub caps or rims can really make your auto look better.

Choose rims or hub caps that go with your style and with all the different choices out there, you're sure to find one that matches what you are looking for. You can choose from super shiny rims, to not so flashy styles. You can also likely find a design that suits your budget.

Hub caps are typically more cost-effective than rims, but they aren't as sturdy as rims. Additionally, they probably won't last as long. However, they are much more budget-friendly than rims are.

Making your automobile look better not only usually lengthens its life, but also makes you feel better about yourself and your ride. The little bit of effort you have to put in is totally worth the end result.


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