Motorcycle tire wear and care tips

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Roads can be especially rough on your motorcycle tires
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A motorcycle has only two tires, each of them vitally important for your safety

Having only two wheels on the ground, it is important to care for your motorcycle tires by performing regular checks on tire pressure, assessing motorcycle tire wear and checking for unexpected damage.

Motorcycle tire pressure -- Metric (KPa) and US (PSI) -- are listed on the side wall of each tire. Motorcycle tires should be checked in coordination with your owner's manual and the guidelines specific to your bike. Every motorcycle is different. Should the tire pressure be in question, or the tire size be suspect as not original equipment, it is recommended that the manufacturer be contacted.

Web sites such as list tire pressures as per original manufacturers' specs.

It cannot be stressed enough how overloading of the weight limits on a motorcycle contribute to tire failure. Consult the manufacturer for load limits on your specific bike. Be sure to total the weights of both riders, gear, including any accessories added, to maintain a safe weight and avoid motorcycle tire wear and failure.

Low pressure causes the tire to run too hot and weaken the side walls. Check tire pressure often.

When changing tires, always check the load ranges and recommended motorcycle tire manufacturers for size and type. Yamaha, for example, only recommends Dunlop as its tire of choice both for size and load range.

Check motorcycle tire wear by using a tread gauge. A tread gauge will show in thousands of an inch how much tread is left. Your tire manufacturer will give you data to see what tread depth you started with new and when recommended replacement should be required.

Lastly, a visual inspection will find cuts and scars in the tire tread and show excessive wear. Nails and other road hazard objects will also be visible. Valve stems may look cracked and contribute to failure.

Most tires last about 10-12,000 for the rear and 20,000 + on the front. How and the destinations you ride are also contributing factors.

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