Should I have advertising on my website?

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The choice to put ads on your website is easier if you ask the right questions
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Business owners wonder, is advertising on my website right for my company?

As your website grows in popularity, and traffic increases, many people wonder ..."Should I have advertising on my website?"

The answer is....


The fact is, some kinds of advertising are great for some websites.  And some could be a nightmare.

So how do you decide?

Here are some tips for answering your questions about allowing ads on your website, and how you can make the best choices for your unique site.

What is the purpose of your website?

This is the very first question you need to answer.

Is your website a personal expression of your taste or interests?  Is it a business website, designed to sell a product or service?  Or is it somewhere in the middle...a personal site designed to attract the attention of businesses?

Who are your ideal visitors and what are they looking for?

This question is the one that many website owners overlook.  Many a wonderful photography blog, car care page or child-rearing information site has lost its following with the addition of over-zealous ads. 

Even some business sites have "over-monetized" their sites, making it confusing for visitors, and hard to follow a call to action on the site itself.

So who are your site visitors?  Are they likely to find value in the addition of ads?  Or might that actually interfere with what they want and need from your site?

Are there parallel products your site visitors might need?

While no one wants to advertise their competitors, carefully selected ads for related products might actually help your site's performance.  For example, a music store might choose to include ads from local recording studios, instrument repair shops or music teachers.

Quality links to related sites can help boost organic placement, and may act as a value-added feature for busy shoppers looking for a number of related products or services. Just make sure the ads you allow don't send shoppers to a competitor's site.

Might your ideal visitors object to certain ad content?

Before you say yes, advertising on my website is a good idea, make sure you consider the nature of the ads you'll allow.  Are you able to control the types of ads, or is the placement random?  Might the content include objectionable or offensive material? 

Allowing random ads that may alienate your target audience won't bring in new revenue, and might just chase your loyal readers away.

Is the ad likely to result in increased revenue or more traffic?

Allowing ads on your website should provide you with the reasonable expectation of some tangible benefit.  Make sure the companies with whom you deal are legitimate and have a reputation for paying fairly for leads and conversions.

Will the possible ad revenue allow you to provide something better?

For many website owners, including bloggers, ad revenue is essential if they are to continue to provide content, advice, products or even an online presence at all.

Even if you'd rather not place ads on your website, you may need to allow at least some, as a means to providing something more.

By carefully selecting the right ads, and placing them carefully on your website, you may be able to offer your readers something extra and help your own site as well.

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