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Grow your business identity with a customized logo.
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Logos create the first impression of your company.

Your business logo is a savvy marketing tool that helps customers and potential clients instantly recognize your company. When creating a logo, keep in mind that you are developing the "first impression" of your business. Logos are the calling or business card of your company and should convey an instant message at a glance. Promotional materials with your logo imprinted on them  help build brand recognition for your business as well.

There are several key points to consider before creating a logo for your business. Keeping these tips in mind will save you money and reduce frustration throughout the design process.

Build customer awareness - the whole point of a logo is to bring instant recognition to your company or industry. For example, a coffee brewer might design his logo around the symbol of a coffee bean. The customer quickly identifies the logo as the place to get a great cup of coffee in the morning.

Keep the design simple and recognizable - Logos create a visual recognition of your company. The best designs are typically simple (think golden arches). Simple designs tend to be more memorable, cost efficient and are much easier to reproduce on company apparel or stationery. 

3 colors are better than 5 - Creating a logo in more than 3 colors can be quite cost prohibitive and make transferring your logo to other mediums difficult. Make sure that your multi-color logo printing can be reproduced easily on signage, delivery vehicles or company stationery.

Convey a message for the company as a whole - Logos should represent the message you want to convey for the entire company not just a segment of the company.

Choose a design that can withstand the test of time - Avoid trendy designs that are here today, gone tomorrow. You want to develop a logo that represents your company for the years to come. Look at what designs your competitors are using to see what is standard in your industry and develop your own distinctive logo from there.

Finally, while creating a logo keep in mind the above tips as well as the many uses for your logo. Logos are for more than just letterhead on business correspondence; they can help establish your business identity 24/7. Here are some hints on making your logo work for you:

Apparel - Company jackets or shirts with your logo gives your employees a uniform, easy to recognize look when meeting with customers, vendors or clients. Apparel for company functions also encourages a team spirit.

Business correspondence -  this includes all mediums such as direct mail, catalog, email, envelopes, and company letterhead. When you send correspondence - email included - you are in direct contact with customers and often make your "first impression."

Websites - Your website has the opportunity to reach millions worldwide. Your logo will make your company recognizable globally as well as locally.

Tradeshows - Establish your business identity in your industry. Your logo should be on brochures, tradeshow booths and promotional giveaways to make your own distinctive mark within your industry.

Delivery vehicles - Get your message out there with a logo on the side of delivery vehicles or company cars. This is your chance to let the public know who you are and that you are in business.

Creating a logo should be a fun, creative process. If you keep in mind the tips and considerations outlined, you should have a logo that will help identify your company and convey your message.

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