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Some helpful and green office organization ideas

Surely one of the most formidable tasks concerning our everyday lives involves organizing the spaces in which we live and work, but not necessarily in that order. There are those among us (masked and unmasked) who live in chaos but manage to work via guidelines carefully drawn by effective office organization ideas. Alas, we must strive to be not only organized but also green in our recycling of office products and supplies. Office organization ideas save time and energy, two priceless commodities in this modern age.

How can office organization ideas increase productivity and aid the planet?

Time lost in not being able to locate a specific file (or even a specific desk) is no way to run any kind of business. Keeping an office productive and green by fostering active recycling programs is important if we are to have anything remaining of planet Earth for the generations to come. Consider these office organization ideas to help make your workload flow more smoothly, and do your part to help in recycling office supplies and keeping productivity on schedule.

1- Clean out each desk drawer on a regular basis. This will free up even more valuable storage space.

2- Straighten out your desk at the end of the day and especially at the end of the week so that you can start each morning with no traces of yesterday and a clean slate.

3- Have a master to-do list for each day at your desk. This way you are always focused on the job at hand.

4- Empty your workspace of everything but the project youíre working on to cut down on distractions.

5- Color-code your office files and sub-divide larger files with interior file folders. This will make it easier and faster to sort through them and find information.

6- Set deadlines for yourself when dealing with important tasks. This will force you to focus on how much time you really are spending on a particular project.

7- Control your day instead of the other way around. Try to keep track of exactly how much time you lose due to distractions and use office planners to set up your day each morning. Whether you realize it or not, office distractions make it difficult to get re-focused. Whether its answering personal emails or taking time to gossip or just time plain procrastinating, the time adds up and letís face it, time is money in any work environment.

The remaining office organization ideas offer help in developing an office-recycling program.

8- Do not throw away used toner cartridges. Recycle them instead, as more than 70% are re-usable. Ink cartridge components can take many years to decompose in landfills, as they are non-biodegradable. Recycling your used cartridges not only helps to reduce waste but also conserves natural resources and preserves the environment.

9- Help to develop a cartridge-recycling program in your office by handing out collection boxes/cartridge bags that can be brought to work and if you are a manager, promise some sort of recognition or prize to the most successful recycling individuals or team.

10- Encourage other offices in your neighborhood to get involved in a cartridge-recycling program. Help them out by giving them marketing material and cartridge bags used from your recycling program.

In conclusion, office organization ideas can serve you, your business and the environment well, providing the perfect balance between organization, utility and recycling.

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