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Creative ingenuity begins with a mac computer
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There are several reasons for making the mac your computer of choice

What do a corporate brochure cover and footage of the next Hollywood blockbuster have in common? Chances are they were designed and created using a Macintosh computer. Not only does the Mac offer crystal clear graphics and high quality sound, there are several other reasons to buy a Mac computer for business or everyday personal use.

Where it all began...

The Macintosh project was the brainchild of Apple Computer employee, Jef Raskin, in the late 1970s. He believed there should be an easy to use and affordable computer for the average individual. He wanted to name the computer after his favorite apple, the McIntosh, but for obvious legal reasons that name could not be used. With a simple addition of an extra letter in the name,  Macintosh history was made. By 1984, the Mac computer was ready to be revealed and appeared in its first commercial during Super Bowl XVIII's 3rd quarter. Two days later the Mac went on sale with its array of unique software features giving consumers reasons to buy a Mac.

A look at some other benefits of the Macintosh computer...

Ease of use - The Linux based software makes it difficult for other users to change the main functions of the computer. This makes it hard to delete or alter programs stored in the computer. What is especially beneficial about this feature is that it is difficult for a virus to attack and alter the Mac's programming and is subject to less virus infections than a PC. You worry less about the security of your system being compromised. You also don't have to worry about accidentally hitting a key and deleting or changing program files.   

Minimal down timeBecause of the Macintosh programming, there is less downtime than with a personal computer. Less worry and headaches with repairs, reprogramming and system crashes are other good reasons to buy a Mac.

Sound and graphics -  As far as graphic and sound quality go, the Mac is second to none. Superior picture quality and clear sound make the Mac a favorite for playing computer games, creating design projects, and listening to music. 

Environmentally friendly - The recent design has shifted to promote aluminum and glass in the construction which has been billed as environmentally friendly. The iMac and MacBook Pro use aluminum enclosures and the MacBook Pro is now made of a single unibody. Replaceable batteries are also being eliminated in the Mac notebooks.

Who would beneft from a Mac?
So just who would benefit and have a reason to buy a Mac? The biggest market now for the Macintosh computer has been seen in home, educational settings and creative professions. Schools favor the Mac due to their ease of use and stable programming. Creative professions such as print and graphic designers are able to create clear, concise images. The film industry uses the Mac to enhance footage and add special effects. Even an amateur photographer could digitally enhance his still life photos or capture memorable wedding photos to be treasured for a lifetime.

The Mac computer has come along way since its inception in the early 80's. With the success of the iPod, the Macintosh has seen a significant increase in sales for its desktop and notebook lines as well.

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