What is the future of cloud computing?

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Working in the cloud can be very productive
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Working in cyberspace is the basis of what is the future of cloud computing

It can be frustrating when you are traveling or away from your office if you need to work on a file stored on your hard drive.

That is where cloud computing comes in handy

Cloud computing is the practice of storing or working with files in a "cloud" or out in cyberspace rather than on a hard drive or a thumb drive. It is accessing a website's functions from a remote site other than your office pc. With the availability of the cheap routers and bridges online, and free internet access at many restaurants and coffee houses, cloud computing is easy to do.
What is the future of cloud computing?

According to a Pew Research Center survey about the future of the internet, respondents believe that by 2020, "...most people will access software applications online and share and access information through the use of remote server networks, rather than depending primarily on tools and information housed on their individual, personal computers."

In fact, many people are already working in the cloud, unbeknownst to them. Every time you login to Facebook to check on your friends, you are computing in the cloud. Every time you go on YouTube to check out a video or Flickr to post some pictures to your Aunt Mathilda in Idaho, you are computing in the cloud.

The future of cloud computing can only get more intense as new apps and electronic devices are invented. iPads and smartphone apps are the perfect example. When you login to your Twitter account using your smartphone, you are, again, computing in the cloud. Experts believe cloud computing will dominate society within the next decade as people try to conserve energy and time by working from home or from their local coffee shop instead of schlepping into the office every day.

Energy-saving in the cloud

If computer users login remotely, it reduces their carbon footprint saving not only the fuel it would take to drive, but also the time spent making that commute.

Since time is money, it follows that moving to the cloud may help employees spend more time at work by staying away from the office. If you learn how to use Google Docs, for instance, you can create documents you would normally create using the word processor on your pc. In fact, you can create the document on your pc and then upload it to Google Docs to be worked on remotely.
Security is a drawback

Many large companies are wary of the security issues connected with working remotely. There is also the issue of the lack of bandwidth to support access to the internet. But never fear. As companies work out the kinks and deal with these issues, they will be more open to allowing their employees to work remotely making the world a true global economy.

The future of cloud computing is wide open

Enjoy the cloud the next time you sip a latte while working at the local coffee shop, and know it can only get easier. The computer gurus are on it, making it safe and productive for all.

Pew Research on Cloud Computing

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