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Best of … family movie night

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 2, 2012
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One of the best of family movie night ideasContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Spending some quality time with the family; there’s nothing quite like it.

Seems we don’t do it enough nowadays, whether it’s sitting down mercilessly whoopin’ the kids at Go Fish or watching a good flick. But ours is not to wonder why, but rather to help make the time we do spend together even better.

And so here are the best family movie night ideas to get your evening started.

Disney Movie Club

Movies for all ages

One of the best of family movie night ideas

The toughest part about family movie night is finding a movie everyone can enjoy. Probably a good idea to limit the sex and violence, but at the same time watching the Anthology of Barney isn’t going to win over the teens or the parents. When in doubt, go Disney, as in the Disney Movie Club that is. I’ve long held the belief that part of the reason Disney is bigger than most countries is they figured out something it took other studios years to get; if you make movies that both kids and adults like, you’ve just doubled your market. The Incredibles is one of hundreds kids of all ages enjoy.


Lounging attire

One of the best of family movie night ideas

In addition to saving a small fortune, one of the many pleasures of family movie nights is being able to stay cozy on the couch. No sticky floors or being trapped in one of those theater chairs. I mean, who knows where those things have been? Much more relaxing to kick back in your favorite pair of PJ’s. This is an example of Appleseed’s Zip Front Terry PJ Set, but they have a full complement of flannel and even silk for the stylishly casual.

Nostalgia Family Movies

Enjoy the classics

One of the best of family movie night ideas

You know the look; the eyes roll and the head leans back to get a good view of the heavens. It’s the universal response we get from kids when we patiently try to explain “you want to see a real movie? Check out one of the classics.” Well, now you can put your movie where your mouth is. Nostalgia family movies are all the classics you’ll ever need to put those kids in their cinematic place.

Make It Comfy

Cozy throws

One of the best of family movie night ideas

In keeping with the family movie night theme, here’s the perfect kickin’ it throw fleece blanket. We’ve already agreed that one of the many upsides to watching movies at home with the fam is the ability to curl up and get comfy. No better way to do it then with a Duke Blankie. Not a big fan of the western? Not a problem, there are no shortage of styles and colors.

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