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Best of … 18th birthday gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 21, 2011
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A list of the best of 18th birthday giftsContributed by Jenna Scaglione, Top 10 Guru

Milestones in life tend to be markers in time for all of us.

One very important age is when a special someone reaches the mature age of 18 years old! So many important events culminate at this time: high school graduation, the right to vote and the ability to obtain a credit card and open a bank account.

It’s a whole new world for this 18-year-old so it’s only natural that you would want to give him/her a gift that is extra special.

What can you purchase for the 18-year-old in your life? Here are a few ideas:

Tree of Life Journal

Start a record to last a lifetime

Fine leather journal with tree of life

An 18th birthday marks the beginning of a whole new chapter of life. So why not mark the ocassion with an elegant handcrafted leather journal from Gael Song. Choose one with a tree of life to represent new growth, or a journal embellished with a Celtic knot to remind them about the connectedness of all things. Either way, it will become a treasured record of their leap into adulthood.

Personalized Gifts

Show them you care

A list of the best of 18th birthday gifts

Is your best friend turning 18? Perhaps your niece, sister or cousin has finally hit this milestone? Whatever your situation, personalized gifts will delight that special birthday girl or boy in your life. At this point in time, every 18-year-old feels they have crossed the threshold into adulthood. Presenting them with a nameplate necklace, personalized sports keepsake box, t-shirt or nameplate wall cross is the ideal gift that celebrates who they are and what they’ve accomplished. Your birthday person will remember the thoughtfulness you showed them on their special day, forever.

Delicious Delights

Food, glorious food

A list of the best of 18th birthday gifts

It’s been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That can probably be said for every 18-year-old who is celebrating a birthday as well! There is something about a tower of chocolate and other fancy candies that puts a large smile on your face. What better way to give a little happiness than to gift your 18-year-old with some scrumptious goodies like this Turtle Pecan Praline Duo Basket from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen? Gift towers, baskets, cakes, and pies; all freshly baked yummy treats that delight the senses and please the taste buds!


Take a bite of the apple

A list of the best of 18th birthday gifts

Turning 18 years old means so much to the young person who is celebrating. For most, it’s a season of leaving the home nest, meeting new friends, and for many, going to college. Nothing can help this young person more than rewarding his or her hard work with a fast and efficient MacBook! And with unbeatable deals and free shipping, an electronics store is the place to make your special someone’s dream come true. With the new-found independence that 18-year-olds experience, giving them a portable, laptop computer is the ideal investment in their future that will keep them celebrating all year long!

Packed and ready

Help them get ready for adventure

Filson luggage

Once high school is left behind, the world is theirs. So why not make it easier for then to explore the big wide world with a gift of luggage?

Filson Luggage offers durable, functional luggage for everything from a weekend get-away, to a summer abroad. Nothing designer or fussy here. This is quality luggage that will handle airline abuse, and still be as at home in a youth hostel as in a five star hotel.

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