Top 10 Dog Names

June 23, 2008

dog namesMy cousin’s name is Max. The poor little guy has the same name as half the dogs and cats in his neighborhood. Not that Max isn’t a cool name, it is. We like it so much in the United States and the United Kingdom that it’s been the most popular pet name for several years now. Read more

The Most Babies in One Birth – Famous Firsts

June 22, 2008

The advent of fertility drugs and in vitro has created families where once there was only a dream.  Twins and even triplets have become commonplace, as multiple implants typically mean multiple babies.  But even in these days of daily fertility miracles, the really big multiples, dubbed Super Twins, still make the news.  Read more

Top 10 Best Toys to Take on a Plane

June 20, 2008

crayonsThe airlines are working for on-time landings and takeoffs, but parents are finding themselves increasingly pressed to fill children’s time in the air and on the ground between segments. Read more

Top 10 Worst TV Shows of All Time

June 12, 2008

It’s subjective, but hey, someone has to do it. The top 10 worst TV shows of all time…the votes are in (mine, actually) and here’s how they stack up. Read more

Top 10 Greatest Road Trip Destinations

June 6, 2008

Many times when you hit the highway for a vacation your mind is on getting to your final stop. Perhaps there’s only a short amount of time available off work, or there is a lot planned once there. Read more

Top 10 Careers in Fashion

June 6, 2008


Fashion is creation personified and it’s everywhere. You can’t open a magazine or watch television and not see style. Read more

Top 10 Worst Toys to Take on a Plane

June 6, 2008

puzzle pieceI’ve worked in the travel industry for some years and have heard many entertaining stories. Thankfully, no one I know has indulged their young ones in these top 10 worst toys to take on a plane. Read more

Top 10 Best Travel Jobs

June 6, 2008

istock_000005915733xsmall.jpgI have listed below the top 10 best travel jobs, in no particular ranking or order (though as a reporter I have a soft spot myself for travel writing). Who doesn’t want to get paid to sip Ouzo in Athens? Read more

Top 10 Best Friend Quotes

June 6, 2008

bf.jpgUnlike quotations on advocating a lazy life of ease and debauchery, there is no dearth of written or recorded thought about the wonderful and salubrious qualities of friendship. It seems even the great makers and takers of history, from time to time, needed a buddy to shoot the snuff with. Read more