Top 10 Most Endangered Species on Earth

September 25, 2008

1. Siberian Tiger

With estimates of less than 200 Siberian Tigers left (most of which live in nature reserves), this cat is one of the most endangered species in the world. Threatened by a loss of habitat and poachers who kill the tigers for their skins and their meat, the great cat is in danger of disappearing. Read more

Top 10 Monologue Tips

September 24, 2008

Every actor hates auditions. It’s the most awkward feeling standing up there in front of one or several strangers and pouring your heart out for a role, knowing that you’re only one of 50 people doing it. Sometimes in the auditioning process though, you don’t have to feel quite so awkward. You won’t be simply ‘one of 50.’ You can be unique. That time is when you’re allowed to do a monologue. Read more

Top 10 Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend

September 24, 2008

boyfriend and bitchy girlAll you need is love. Unfortunately, love is not everything to some people. They need more. The world we live in may be a reason to become paranoid of strangers, and suspicious of our own family, at times. However, when you are in a relationship, those feelings should subside. For some, the fears go away without a second thought. For others, it is hard to trust. That is the main reason a boyfriend can become a controlling nightmare.

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Top 10 Sugardaddy Dating Sites

September 17, 2008

Are you a young person looking for an older, successful lover to make life easier? Or a woman or man who’s made it in the business world, but want someone young and vibrant to share your success? Forget eHarmony.  These sites are just right for you.


10. Married

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