Top 10 Facts about Fast Food and Culture

October 23, 2008

Oh, the mixed joys of fast food and culture! Now, those are two guilty pleasures for most people. Fast food culture is sometimes inane, sometimes clever.

I used to work in the retail food industry. May I point out some pitfalls and possibilities for all you fast food junkies (oops, I mean “consumers”) out there?

#10 Weight Gain: Fast Food is deadly

Not if you work in a fast food restaurant! You will spend 8- to 12-hour shifts on your feet serving hundreds of ravenous, fast-moving customers. Employees typically earn only one or two meal breaks per shift. Managers grab a mere snack on their feet at times.

When I worked fast food, I lost weight, eating small meals like an athlete in training. Read more

Top Fairy Tales

October 23, 2008

9. Hansel and Gretel

This classic fairy tale tells the story of a poor woodcutter and his two children. Under the guise of fear of starvation, the children’s evil stepmother convinces their father to take them into the woods and abandon them. Overhearing this plot, Hansel drops white pebbles as they walk and the children use them to find their way home. The angry stepmother tells the father to take them even deeper into the woods and caught unaware, the children only have breadcrumbs to drop which are eaten by birds. The children are hopelessly lost when they come across a house made of candy. Starving, the children begin to nibble on the delicious abode and the old woman who lives there invites them in where she traps Hansel in a cage and makes Gretel her servant. Her plan is to fatten Hansel up and then eat him and when the day comes, she tells Gretel to climb in the oven to see how hot it is. Tricky Gretel fools the woman into getting into the oven herself and Gretel closes the door, shutting her in. Taking jewels from the woman’s home, the children find their way back to their father to discover their evil stepmother has died and their father is sorry for sending them away and the three of them make a happy home together. Read more