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Pet Meds to Keep On Hand

August 25, 2015

pet medsBeing a responsible pet owner is more than just long walks at the dog park and late night flea baths.

It’s not just catnip and kibble. Responsible pet owners also know that with pets come pet emergencies and they plan accordingly. Here are some of the top pet meds to keep on hand in order to keep your furry family members happy and healthy.

10. Calming Meds

Calming Meds

Moving to a new house, the addition of a new pet, or even a significant change in routine can cause stress and anxiety for some animals (and their owners!). An anxious animal can be disruptive to a household. To help your pet better cope with life’s unavoidable disruptions, keep a supply of calming medication on hand. Calm pets make for calm pet owners.

9. Peppermint


Peppermint oil is useful for nausea and other digestive problems. Its scent is a stimulant and can provide heightened levels of energy. In addition, fresh peppermint planted near a chicken coop has been shown to deter flies and other insects.

8. Wound Gel

Wound Gel

Like humans, animals can suffer from the occasional scratch or abrasion. To reduce the likelihood of infection or complications, wound gel is a practical and effective treatment to keep on hand for the care of your pet.

7. Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana

Ointments made with arnica montana have been successfully used for many years to assist in the management of pain and trauma. In particular, this herb has shown great promise in relieving muscle pain. Older animals may benefit from the use of these type of creams and ointments in managing arthritic conditions, and the herb makes a useful addition to your pet First Aid Kit.

6. Echinacea


Echinacea has recently been linked with reduced severity and duration of colds and flu, however, the herb has long been known to be beneficial in fighting infections, canker sores, and inflamed tonsils. It has also been touted as an immunity booster, and the essential oil might prove to be a valuable medication to keep on hand.

5. Chamomile


Just as a warm cup of chamomile tea can help you ease your way to sleep after a difficult day, so can chamomile essential oil assist your pet. Long known to help with irritability, teething, colic, and earache, this herbal oil has many uses and has earned a well-deserved place in the both herbal annals and in your pet care kit.

4. Mite Medication

Mite Medication

If it has fur or feathers, it is at risk for mites. Keep your pet free of these annoying pests with mite medication. These wee bugs are more than just a nuisance, they can also cause infection and fur/feather loss in afflicted animals.

3. Pet Flex (Bandaging)

Pet Flex (Bandaging)

Cuts, burns, and abrasions require clean and protected conditions to heal. Special pet bandaging provides that protection and helps animals to better heal. Whether you need to wrap a cat’s paw, a dogs flank, or a chicken’s wing, flexible pet bandaging is essential to a pet First Aid Kit.

2. Food Grade Daitomaceous Earth Powder

Food Grade Daitomaceous Earth Powder

Backyard chicken keepers, listen up! It is much easier to try to prevent a mite or flea infestation than it is to treat one. This is why food grade diatomaceous earth should be kept on hand by all urban chicken keepers. Externally, it can be effective against all types of fleas, mites, and lice.

1. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly

This simple remedy has long been used as an emollient, but it is also very beneficial to pet owners. Chickens with a generous comb and wattle can benefit from the application of petroleum jelly on these sensitive parts when the temperatures take a nose dive, thus sparing Mr. Clucker from frost bite.

by Info Guru Terri Wallace

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