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Best of … a place for everything

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 28, 2012
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One of the best of a place for everythingContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Someone once said there’s a place for everything, and everything has its place; or some derivative thereof.

Seems to make sense, at least conceptually. Of course, some kid’s rooms might contradict this particular truism; clothes draped over chairs, toys (in) conveniently lying on the floor, that kind of thing.

But I love the idea. So let’s see if we can’t help make it come true with the best of a place for everything.

Clever furniture

Doubles as hidden storage

Benches with hidden storage

Benches with hidden storage in a variety of materials and sizes instantly create the perfect places to stash everything from magazines and toys to office supplies, electronics and shoes. Think both stylish and practical when choosing your furnishings, and take a strong hint from the collection at The Company Store. An upholstered piece of furniture is much more visually appealing than a pile of “everyday junk” in the entry table.

Photo albums

Stylish organization

One of the best of a place for everything

Seems we all have them; family photos stacked not-so-neatly in a box collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. And since we’ve already confirmed there’s a place for everything, safe to say a dusty old box is not the place for invaluable photos. These belong in a photo album, and not just any photo album mind you. The variety of options found at Exposures for pictures of friends and family are almost limitless. And this one is top of the line. Handcrafted in Italy using the finest leather, its likely you won’t find this anywhere but Exposures.

Laptop storage

Collect your PCs

One of the best of a place for everything

Computers, laptops in particular, are all too easy to leave just lying about. Of course, with the amount of data these little babies can hold nowadays leaving them unprotected may not be the wisest of moves. This isn’t the only laptop storage cart you’ll find at, but it is one of the nicest. Moves easily, laptops can be secured and it will hold up to 30 with ease. Too much? can set you up with smaller versions too.

Tool shelf

For a few or many

One of the best of a place for everything

If you or someone you know has a nice set of tools, you’re already aware of how easy it is to leave them strewn across a floor or work area. These things are way to expensive to be left lying around and since we’re in search of a place for everything, let’s find somewhere to keep these all important items. If it involves tools and is Craftsman Tools, chances are it’ll fit the bill. These guys know a thing or two about tools and the safe, efficient storage of ‘em. This 3-shelf unit is a case in point.

Clothes rack

Moveable storage

One of the best of a place for everything

The aforementioned floor is no place for clothing, let alone expensive clothing. But if you’re stuck with less-than-ample closet space a sturdy, movable rack from will solve your dilemma lickety split. And before the moans begin, it may interest you to know these are heavy duty racks, not the flimsy type that makes organizing your wardrobe even harder than it needs to be.

Boat storage

Protect your investment

One of the best of a place for everything

Proving once again there’s a place for everything, including your fishing boat. What we do know is the place for your boat is not exposed to the elements; a harsh winter is brutal on all things floaty. If the idea of building a garage addition or lean-to type shelter offers little to no appeal; Camping World will do it for you. The Shelterlogic is 32’ deep and 14’ across; perfect for most fishing boats and it’s a breeze to put up.

Shoe racks

Ultimate solution

One of the best of a place for everything

You don’t have to be Imelda Marcos to drop a pretty penny on shoes today; man or woman. These things can run into the thousands of dollars for heaven’s sake. If you’re a shoe guru, aspiring or otherwise, a place for everything includes your dress shoes. If you’d prefer to store them in style a Touch of Class has you covered with the Aubrie Shoe Storage Bench. And even more than the shoes, this is a beautiful piece of furniture too. The shoes storage folds up leaving you with the perfect furniture accent for the master bedroom.

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