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Accessories for Fall Fashions

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 11, 2013
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fall fashionContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Autumn brings with it an array of earthy colors that morph from vivid to muted as winter nears.

Today’s designers find inspiration everywhere from popular books and jewel toned lip colors, to red carpet glamour. In other words, fashion lovers get to have their edgy jackets and glittery belts, too.

These accessories for fall fashions are just what the season ordered.

10. Luxurious shawl

Luxurious shawl

How better to spice up the dreariest of days than with a vivid shawl? Wrap yourself in fall’s boldest patterns to add instant elegance to any outfit. Best of all is the versatility – you’ll stay warm and gorgeous dashing around town on breezy nights.

9. Pops of style

clutch purse

Sometimes it’s about the whole outfit. But other times, just a single, perfect pop of unexpected color or pattern can make your whole outfit. Can’t buy a new fall wardrobe? Add a rich plum clutch or an out-there animal print purse in warm autumn colors and instantly your whole look is new. (And your bank account will be happy that you didn’t spring for the top-to-bottom fashion makeover!)

8. Shapely sunglasses

Shapely sunglasses

We tend to think of summer as the sunglasses season, but your eyes need protection from the sun year round. This year, the shapelier they are the better. Look for designer sunglasses with distinct details for a clean finish.

7. Bag pipes

Bag pipes

The Scots are invading runways with their adorable Celtic plaids, chunky knits and tassel embellishments. So grab your bagpipes because there may never be another time when this instrument is so fashionably and socially acceptable. And what exactly are you flaunting here? A kick-butt, powerful set of lungs, of course.

6. Engraved jewelry

Engraved jewelry

Engraved jewelry has always had certain elegance to it, but now it’s more popular than ever. Parents wear their children’s names on small pendants with corresponding birthstones. Lovers get each other’s names engraved or a meaningful phrase. This gentle hint of nostalgia brings depth to any look.

5. Ultra feminine belts

Ultra feminine belts

Belts are both utilitarian and trendy accessories for fall fashions, defining your waist while adding visual interest to solid skirts or dress pants. Go for corset-style belts when you’re feeling extra edgy, and glittery metallics on days that call for a girlish boost.

4. Solid tights

Solid tights

At last it’s time to embrace the matchy matchy side of fashion. Choose a favorite skirt or dress and get yourself some perfectly matching tights. Matching shoes too, if you dare.

3. Shades of grey

Shades of grey

Whether you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey or not, there’s no denying the color is everywhere this season. Grey skies may be gloomy, but sexy ankle boots will perk up ay dress or pair of fitted jeans. The style lengthens legs while the flexible color works for day and night.

2. Short leather jacket

 Short leather jacket

Leather jackets are a cool closet staple that’ll last decades when you invest in the real thing. This season’s short biker styles err on the classic side, which is good because they won’t go out of style in a year or two. But nobody wears leather to blend in. Look for standout features like a sporty zipper, quilted shoulders or a high standup collar in case you actually find yourself riding on a motorcycle on a clear, cool night.

1. Conversation starters

summer print shawl

Celebrate your love of design with a piece that peaks your curiosity. Accessories for fall fashions do a lot more than keep your pants up and your head warm. Playful shoes, funky handbags, bright scarves and bold statement jewelry do what fashion does best – get people talking. You can even opt for a bold, cross-season look by adding some tropical elements to an otherwise traditional fall fashion look. Handled well, it becomes a daring statement people might just start copying.

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