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Apps for Pets

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 6, 2012
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apps for petsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Pets are more than just animals that are owned by people and need to be looked after.

Indeed, for most people, pets are little furry friends that are loved unconditionally similar to the love we have for other human beings. Although pets are not human beings, they are often treated much the same what with new and expanding lines of pet foods, pet supplies, pet furniture and even pet clothing. It doesn’t just stop with pet foods and supplies however as pets are also slowly making their mark in the technology stream. This is evident with the increase in the number and types of pet apps available on techie devices such as iphones, smartphones, androids and more.

Consider the following top ten apps for pets and install one or more on your own technological device today to make your pet happy!

10. Pet Names

pet names

Finding a good name for your pet that you love and won’t get sick of can be hard to do. However, with the use of a new iphone app, you can easily find a name for your little kitten, cat, dog, hamster, fish or rabbit. The app is called Pet Names and gives you over 3000 names to choose from.

9. Pet Acoustics

Pet Acoustics

Music isn’t just for humans anymore! Among the many apps for pets is Pet Acoustics, an app that plays musical tunes specially designed for cats and dogs. Choose from several different music tracks to find the one that suits your pet the best. Select a relaxing, meditative tune to help put your little furry friend to sleep during times of fitful resting periods.

8. PocketFinder


Pet apps can not only be fun but also extremely useful and valuable during times of need. One such pertinent app is the PocketFinder, a GPS locator that can help you find a pet if he or she goes missing. Simply purchase and attach a tiny GPS locator to your pet’s collar and then use the pet app to keep alerts on his or her whereabouts.

7. Petometer


The Petometer app is a useful tool to have on your mobile device if you and your pet are fitness-savvy. Make us of this app while out walking the dog and keep track of total time, distance logged as well as pace or speed. In addition, the app gives a series of different exercises to try with your four-legged friend.


There are many apps for pets that can be purchased and used even before you have a pet! Download the PetFinder app to help you search and find your ideal pet mate. Search results will look for pets based on aged, breed, gender and color as well as narrow search results down to your closest location.

5. iKibble


The fun pet app iKibble can be downloaded from and is helpful for dog owners. The app lets you search for food for your pet based on varying food types such as meats, veggies, grains and dairy products.

4. Dog Tricks

Dog Tricks

Have fun with apps for pets by checking out the Dog Tricks app, which will help you to find new tricks and games for Fido. Check out the app’s video and audio tutorials for informative trick tips.

3. All Pets Radio

All Pets Radio

Radios are great vehicles for providing up-to-date information to educate you on the latest news and events happening in the world. With the pet app, All Pets Radio, now your pet can get also get the latest info and educate owners.

2. Off Leash

Off Leash

If you constantly have trouble finding a dog park for your pup to roam and run free, you’ll love the pet app Off Leash. Off Leash lets you choose from over 500 dog parks in the United States so you’ll be sure to find a park near your own home.

1. Pet Health

Pet Health

Health and happiness are two of the most important things in both humans and pets lives. Check out the handy pet app, Pet Health, where you can record all of your pet’s health info on your device. Pet owners with multiple pets need not worry as the app will let you record information on several pets to store.

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