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Artisan Craft Gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 22, 2013
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artisanContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

Artisan crafts, made with care in small quantities, have made resurgence.

Some gift givers demand more than just cookie-cutter gifts chosen from the local mall over their lunch hour. They prefer to give presents that demand thought and consideration. The pride in workmanship and attention to detail make these some of the top artisan craft gifts for the discerning gift giver.

10. Embossed Leather Journals

Embossed Leather Journals

An embossed leather journal is a thoughtful gift for the aspiring writer, diligent family historian, or the just for the sentimental journal keeper in your life. Whatever needs to be jotted down, memorialized, or committed to paper, a fine leather journal is an inspired place to pen it.

9. Jewelry

artisan jewelry

Artisan jewelry caters to those who want something better than the uninspired earrings that grace the earlobes of the masses. Unique gems in unusual settings work together to create symbolic pieces of jewelry that give a sense of the wearer’s interests and desires.

8. Vase

hand painted vase

An artisan vase is a lovely gift in and of itself. Colored glass, or hand-painted rustic ceramic, perhaps hand hewn wood, or a hammered metal—a vase can be modern and stylized or more organic in nature. But is also says something about the person who owns it. It says I am the type of person that actually receives flowers. I surround myself with beauty.

7. Adult Beverages

Adult Beverages

Artisan adult beverages are not just offerings from small wineries or microbreweries; there is more to sample than just wines and beers. Consider a hard cider to cut through summer’s heat, to compliment the grilled chicken at your next barbeque, or to sip on while you sit poolside and reminisce with friends.

6. Cheese


Hand crafted cheeses are another artisan gift that tastes good and also shows your good taste. Paired with a nice wine or hard cider, and some of spring’s fresh fruits, a cheese basket is the perfect housewarming or hostess gift. It is also a lovely gift to send after a first date to let her know that you are still thinking of her.

5. Brownies


Chocolate brownies, baked to perfection and topped with drizzles of rich chocolates and a sprinkling of walnuts is the perfect post-breakup gift. It is also much appreciated for other less tearful occasions, such as Girl’s Night Out, or the premiere of the new season of Walking Dead.

4. Candles

artisan candles at Carved Solutions

Candles are a gift that is both practical and indulgent. Candles are much appreciated on those rainy nights when the wind and storms leave the neighborhood in the dark. They are also perfect when you want to dim the lights for more (ahem) romantic reasons. Indulge in a few candles in an assortment of sizes and scents.

3. Soaps


Sure, soap may not seem particularly gift-ish—and no, convenience store soap is not the stuff of gift-giving legends. However, artisan soaps, soaps made from real goat’s milk and infused with essential oils—well, these are noteworthy. Handcrafted soaps will be remembered long after the last sliver of subtly scented soap has been enjoyed.

2. Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Stained glass comes in all shapes in sizes, from brilliant blue glass TARDIS, to a beguiling Tiffany inspired stained glass window. Stained glass can be trendy or traditional, and can reflect a myriad of tastes, styles, and interests.

1. Satchel

satchel messenger bag

Everyone should have a hand-tanned leather satchel. There are times when a backpack just won’t do—like when you go for a job interview, or when you meet your future father-in-law, or when you don’t want to be mistaken for a college student or bike messenger. A fine messenger bag is the perfect graduation gift.

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