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Baby Keepsake Gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 29, 2013
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baby keepsakesContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

Newborns rarely get to play with them when they’re young and usually don’t appreciate them until they’re adults, but the birth of a baby in your family or circle of friends means you need to purchase a baby keepsake gift so that the parents know you love their baby and want a gift from them when you have yours.

While some have been traditional presents for years, there are some new baby keepsake gifts to make you the hit of the next shower, christening or baby’s first birthday party you attend.

10. A Winning Cup

A Winning Cup

Probably the most traditional baby keepsake gift is the sterling silver cup engraved with the newborn’s name and date of birth. Pewter cups are also popular for a keepsake that will be cherished into adulthood.

9. Frame It


Picture frames are always a great baby gift, especially if you frame something special, like a photo of the newborn, a picture of the pregnant mom or a personal note. If it’s a first birthday present, a collage of pictures from the baby’s first year is a popular gift.

8. Babies Love Blankets

 Babies Love Blankets

Nothing says security like a blanket. There are many styles available, from the traditional plush pink or blue “binkie” to colorful blankets with storybook characters. If you have the time and the talent, handmade blankets, quilts and afghans are always special.

7. Memory Boxes

 Memory Boxes

Memory boxes give new parents a special place to keep symbols of major baby events, like a birth certificate or a first tooth or a lock of hair from the baby’s first trim. Many boxes have cards to write the dates and glass covers so they can be displayed.

6. Hand and Footprints

Hand and Footprints

Hand, foot and thumbprints can be printed or engraved on many gift items from pictures to metal jewelry to clay or pewter tablets suitable for framing. These gifts are truly one-of-a-kind, just like the prints they were made from.

5. Make Some Baby Noise

Make Some Baby Noise

An engraved silver dumbbell rattle is a popular keepsake gift. To keep the baby happy, it’s always nice to include a plastic one so they don’t go trying to find out what silver tastes like.

4. Book of Photos

Book of Photos

Facebook is a great place for casual photos, but new parents want something more permanent for baby pictures, so photo albums are still a great baby gift. Many are divided into months or have tabs for major events. It’s always a nice touch to include a few family photos to get them started, like a baby picture of the parents.

3. Christening Gifts

Christening Gifts

A christening or baptismal service is often the first time family and friends get to see the newborn baby and many people like to mark the occasion with a religious gift. A child’s cross, a bible or christening set with white lace clothing or shoes are appropriate gifts for a baptism.

2. Baby’s First Utensils

Baby’s First Utensils

Even parents of babies born with the proverbial silver spoon their mouth like getting engraved keepsake spoons or place settings. They can be used for baby’s first solid food or kept in a nice display box.

1. Classic Toys

classic baby toys

These are new versions of the toys that you remember from your childhood, and that new babies will love, too. When they outgrow these classic baby toys, tuck them into a “keepsake box” and delight when you pull them out to share with a new generation.

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