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Best of … back to school promotions

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 18, 2011
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One of the best of back to school promotionsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Maybe it’s because when I was going back to school I didn’t realize it, but I certainly don’t recall it being such an expensive proposition.

My parents may disagree, but empirical evidence would suggest, or least my empty wallet, things have gotten a bit out of control.

To help you ease the financial burden, here are the Best of Back to School Promotions.

Classroom supplies

Construction paper, etc.

On the list of the best of back to school promotions

Unfortunately, with the state of many educational systems nowadays, teachers and parent assistants often buy many of the materials needed to provide our kids a great learning experience. Especially for these stalwarts of academia, I’m happy to share the great back to school promotions that a good school supply store offers. Everything a classroom needs, at a fraction of the cost; now we can all learn something from that.


Strap on a deal

On the list of the best of back to school promotions

Kids today seem to thrash on backpacks the way we used go through jeans and tennis shoes. Each year brings with it the need for yet another tote, there are some great back to school promotions on backpacks. This one won’t wash the car and make you breakfast like some of the newfangled packs, but it’ll serve its purpose throughout the school year. And for only $12.99, that’s going to be a deal that’s hard to beat.

Gym shorts

Stay cool for less

On the list of the best of back to school promotions

With all the new fashions, electronics and even old-school items like pencils and notebooks, it’s easy to overlook gym class. Though, next to recess and lunch this is the most anticipated time of the school day. No need to break the bank on these moisture management shorts, a mere $9.99 should just about do it. A footwear store also has a great selection of athletic equipment and shoes for the jock in the family; girl or boy.


Student wardrobe stable

On the list of the best of back to school promotions

Thank goodness some things never change; like a good pair of jeans as part of a back to school promotion. These stretch bootcut jeans will do your daughter proud, a teen clothing store usually has them on sale for less than a third of big name retail. Not a fan of the stretch bootcut? There’s a pretty good chance one of the other 60 pairs they have for ridiculously low prices will suit her just fine.

Cargo shorts

Every day of the week

On the list of the best of back to school promotions

Saving nearly 50% on cargo shorts this time of year is a prime example of back to school promotions at their finest. And these Levi shorts are one of many cargo-related gear on sale this time of year. You may want to order a few, or take a look at some of the other great deals in the flyers. Because taking another 15% off orders of only $75 or more, on what are already ridiculously good deals, is what back to school shopping is all about.


And pencils, paper, pens, etc.

On the list of the best of back to school promotions

While some may enjoy back to school shopping; that would be the “shop ‘til you gladly drop” crowd, this usually involves clothes and assorted fashion-related items. But we can’t overlook the essentials; pencils, paper and the like. But that doesn’t mean they need to be boring, or expensive. These skateboard erasers are a perfect example of form and function, as the artiste would say. And they’re part of Geddes’ huge back to school promotion, so you’re getting a good deal too.


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