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Best of … base wear for playing sports

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 25, 2012
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One of the best of base wear for playing sportsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Sure, we all love the team uniforms but there’s more going on then what the average sports fan sees.

Depending on the sport, the right base wear can make the difference between victory and defeat; or agony and defeat depending on the sport and the participants.

Here are the best of the best of base wear for playing sports.

Specialized Tshirt

All weather comfort

One of the best of base wear for playing sports

For a lot of athletic and outdoor types, base gear begins and ends with specialized clothing for the more radical among us. These are the men and women who’ve decided climbing up a sheer mountainside cliff would be a good idea. You know, crazies. For these fine folk base layers need to keep them cool in the hot weather and warm in the cold.

Biking socks

Protection and comfort

One of the best of base wear for playing sports

For the hard core biker, keeping your feet comfortable and sufficiently aerated is crucial. Those little shoes put enough of a beating on your feet, you need some base wear to help combat the sweat and discomfort. Many choices in socks are made for the hard working bicyclist. It’s air flow designed, durable and provides air permeability. All that in a sock!

Sliding shorts

Protection on the field

One of the best of base wear for playing sports

If you’ve played baseball or softball you know how painful even a properly executed slide can be. Without the proper base wear, there’s nothing more than a pair of cotton drawers between you and the hard ground. It’s easy to remedy that situation with these sliding shorts. They also have the same thing going for the ladies, along with pretty much everything else you’ll ever need or want when it comes to sports gear.

Sports knickers

Multi-sports use

One of the best of base wear for playing sports

Though these are found at a specialty bike store, and happen to be the perfect base wear for just such an activity, it’s not hard to imagine multiple uses for these comfortable, breathable Louis Garneau Women’s Request Knickers. These are as high-tech as they look too. Made from a material called Signature Mat they’re flexible, comfortable and is even anti-bacterial.

Compression sleeves

Circulation and recovery aid

One of the best of base wear for playing sports

The Zensah Compression Arm Sleeve is multi-purpose to the utmost. Participants in virtually any sport will benefit from this base wear. These improve circulation, maintain warmth on the coldest of days and is moisture wicking (doesn’t get soaked with nasty sweat). Recovering from an arm injury or tweak that’s left you a bit aching? This is just the ticket. If it’s the legs that are killing you after a workout or other exertion, check out leg compression options.


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