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Best of … bead bracelet designs

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 15, 2011
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One of the best of bead bracelet designsContributed by Rachelle Dawson, Top 10 Guru

Charm bead bracelet designs have become popular because they can be customized for various people and occasions.

Some consumers build bracelets over time by adding a charm for each significant life event, such as graduations, promotions, marriages, births, and so on. Others buy completed bracelets with a number of charms that commemorate one occasion. Still others simply pick a variety of charm beads they personally like.

If you want to start your own bracelet or add to an existing one, you can find bead bracelet designs at many jewelry retailers.

Jewelry Crafters Stores

Beautiful beads

One of the best of bead bracelet designs

Need to add to an existing bracelet without the price? Find a jewelry store that deals heavily in charm bead bracelet designs and even offers a clearance bead section. You’ll find beads in all kinds of materials, including Swarovski, metal, glass, acrylic, and sterling silver. You can even shop for earring or necklace kits.

Charm Jewelry

Pandora-style and Italian charms

One of the best of bead bracelet designs

Maybe you’re still sorting out what type of customized charm bracelet to buy. Many jewelry stores offer Pandora-style bead bracelet designs as well as the flat Italian charm links. You will also find a variety of other fashion accessories on their website. Such accessories include beaded lanyards, wallets, and cell phone charms.

Nature’s Jewelry

An easier choice

One of the best of bead bracelet designs

Some customers may be overwhelmed by the choices in bead bracelet designs. If you’re looking for a quick customizable gift, make the choice easier by limiting your options. Nature’s Jewelry sells a customizable bead bracelet; you can specify a certain number of charms. Then they will assemble the bracelet and ship it off. This retailer also offers a number of nature-themed jewelry of other types. Many of their rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces feature butterflies, other animals, flowers, and trees.


Traditional taste

One of the best of bead bracelet designs

Ross-Simons deals in more traditional styles of jewelry, but you will find some bead bracelet designs in this shop as well. Check out the charm bracelet section for several ready-made bracelets that combine beads and dangly charms.

Museum Stores

For the artistic taste

One of the best of bead bracelet designs

If you’re looking for the more unusual in bead bracelet designs, check out some of the charm bracelets at a museum store. Their inventory often celebrates museum exhibits. You won’t find any Pandora-style jewelry here, but you may find several ancient Egyptian charm and bead bracelets.

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