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Beginner Ghost Hunter Gear

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

December 23, 2014
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ghost huntingContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

It’s almost impossible to surf through the channels on cable or dish without coming across at least one or two ghost hunting shows. There are college kids hunting ghosts, plumbers searching for spirits and country-folk bringing a down-home spin on the whole paranormal treasure hunt.

I even saw, and forgive me for saying this, a naked ghost hunting show on the listings the other day! For real! Now I wouldn’t recommend heading out in the dark in your birthday suit, but it’s kind of hard to see all these shows and not want to try some ghost detecting of one’s own.

If you want to join in the spirit world scavenger hunt, you’re going to need some tools. Here are ten basic electronics and other goodies that just might help you spot your first visitor from the other side.

10. Night vision video camera

night vision video camera

Ghost hunting is best done at night, with the lights out, so that means you’re going to need a good night vision video camera. Look for a model with a long filming time (some are twenty hours or more) and features like slow motion playback.

9. Motion detector for camera activation

motion sensor for camera activation

Set up your cameras and then let motion sensors help you capture the perfect shot. Not only can these sensors sometimes register otherwise unseen movement, they’re great for de-bunking noises and images caused by very human and very-much-alive actors.

8. Hand-held digital recorder

digital voice recorder

Even when you can’t see the ghosts and spirits around you, you can often hear them. But the human ear can miss many EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). That’s why you need a good digital voice recorder as a part of your beginners ghoster hunter gear stash. The digital recorders can capture sounds you may have missed, allowing playback at a higher volume later on.

7. Remote temperature sensor

remote temperature sensor

When spirits manifest, they usually create areas of much lower temperatures than the surrounding areas. That’s why a reliable remote temperature sensor is an important part of your ghost hunting gear, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced supernatural sleuth.

6. Electro-magnetic field (EMF) detector

EMF detectors

One of the hallmarks of a haunting is changes in the electro-magnetic frequencies in the area. Using an EMF detector can help you pinpoint those shifts and locate the source of the disturbance. (It’s also an important tool to de-bunk claims where the EMF shifts are coming from wiring or power lines.)

5. Notebooks


Yes, it is low-tech. But never head out to do an investigation without a couple of sturdy notebooks and a few pencils or pens. Written notes are priceless for descriptions of events, details about the location and plans to review the recorded data.

4. Portable generator

portable indoor outdoor generator

Ecoplasmic eminations (AKA ghosts) are commonly believed to use available energy sources to manifest. In simple terms, this means that your fully-charged camera or flashlight or laptop could run out of juice in an instant. If you’re investigating in a remote location, or the house power has been switched off to avoid EMF interference, you could be out of luck — unless you invest in a small, emission-free generator. Pick one that’s safe for indoor and outdoor use to keep your recharging safe.

3. Books about the paranormal and ghost hunting

ghost book

Ghost hunting isn’t something you just run out and start doing. Watching ghost hunters on television is one way to learn about the techniques and what to look for. But reading books about ghost hunting and hauntings is an even better way to understand exactly what you’re getting into before you’re in a dark house at night.

2. Walkie talkies

two way radios

Staying in touch with your co-explorers is important during any investigation, so make sure to add a pair of long-range walkie-talkies to your ghost hunting kit. It’s the best way to know whether that sound you just heard was a ghost or your friend tripping on a rock. And it’s an important safety tool, too, especially at larger venues.

1. Stylish black clothing

All black clothing

Okay, I suppose you could ghost hunt without the trendy black jeans, coordinating black t-shirt and all-important black windbreaker, but what fun would that be?

Okay, kidding aside, whether you wear designer black or a pair of old blue jeans, make sure you have a couple of good, sturdy flashlights (and extra batteries) in your pocket. Safety matters most on any ghost expedition.

All the best in ghost hunting equipment won’t do you any good if you get yourself into a dangerous situation. Remember to head out with friends, and always make sure the structures you enter are safe and legal.

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