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Best Clothing for Hiking

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 30, 2015
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hiking clothes mainby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

The simplicity of stepping outside and going for a walk in nature draws many nature lovers to the trails year round.

Fancy gear isn’t necessary, but proper clothing is as important for hikers as a good sense of direction and water.

The best clothing for hiking will keep you dry, comfortable and able to go for miles and miles.

10. Versatile pants

Versatile pants

Layering is the magic word. It’s your best defense against both overheating and getting hypothermia should temperatures suddenly drop. Lightweight cargo pants are an ideal protective layer for hikers at high altitudes. Large, closeable pockets hold small items you’ll want on hand, like lip balm and a map, while synthetic fabric protects you from the elements.

9. Fuzzy robe

Fuzzy robe

It may not be the most practical item to bring along, but after a long day outdoors on your feet a cozy, plush robe is the next best thing to a massage. So maybe you’ll have to leave the pot and some “essential” provisions at home to make room this luxury, but it’s totally worth it. Maybe you’ll even fit in with the bears. Glampers, unite!

8. Hiking shoes

Hiking shoes

The primary reason to opt for hiking shoes over boots is for climbing or bouldering. It’s almost impossible to get a secure foothold in boots. If you want the option to do some rock climbing or anticipate a few narrow ledges on a trail then ventilated, waterproof shoes are the way to go.

7. Shorts


Going on a multi-day hike? Remember you have to carry everything you pack. When it’s warm and you’re staying in relatively low altitudes, breathable, moisture-wicking shorts will keep you cool and comfortable. They don’t take up much space or weigh a lot so you can bring two pairs!

6. Socks


Comfortable socks made from a synthetic material make the difference between an enjoyable adventure and a miserable slog. Like other garments, the best clothing for hiking must be able to dry fast and let the body breathe. If you get caught in the rain, you’ll absolutely need quick-drying socks to avoid getting sick.

5. Short sleeved shirt

Short sleeved shirt

Unless you’re going in winter, your inner layer should be a short sleeved breathable shirt that wicks away moisture. Regardless of the length and temperature, you’re guaranteed to sweat under the weight of the pack and continuous exertion. A cotton shirt will retain sweat, making you itch and smell all day.

4. Long sleeved shirt

Long sleeved shirt

Whether you’re in the dessert or forest, don’t underestimate how chilly it gets once the sun goes down. A thin shirt with long sleeves is easy to tie around the waist when not needed, and keeps you warm at night.

3. Boots


Sturdy hiking boots are the safest choice when you’re unfamiliar with the terrain ahead. On rocky trails, like New Hampshire’s White Mountains, you’ll need the extra ankle support, protection from snakes and thorns. Remember to buy at least a half size up since feet swell when you walk long distances.

2. Hat


Hail the wonder of the modern outdoor hat, an essential hiking accessory. They satisfy the big requirements – waterproof and breathable – and offer your face extra protection from the sun. Choose a style with a full brim to keep the rain off your face and you’ll be a happy hiker.

1. Jacket


Most hikers get hypothermia not in predictably cold winter conditions, but when nice weather unexpectedly turns dangerously cold and wet. Thus the best clothing for hiking is a waterproof outer layer. No matter what time of year it is, if you plan to go for more than an afternoon you need this. These outdoor jackets are lightweight and have pockets to provide a convenient place for the utility knife, compass and other must-haves.

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