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Top 10 Best Gifts for Foodies

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 16, 2011
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Gifts for foodies are centered around food, drink and the kitchen.Contributed by Jenna Scaglione, Top 10 Guru

How do you surprise that special foodie or cooking enthusiast in your life? It may not be as difficult as you think.

Regardless of your knowledge rating on the food mastery scale, you can either give a gift to be enjoyed for a long time, or offer a savory or decadent treat to be cherished for a priceless moment. “Take a bite” out of these top 10 ideas and see which ones would please the foodie in your life.

10. Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles are the perfect gift for foodies

Can you say decadence? Any foodie who appreciates class and sophistication will adore the luxury and sumptuousness of a chocolate truffle. You can find them in all varieties and coverings, from nuts, dusted cocoa powder and coconut with fillings such as dark chocolate, fudge and cherries. Experiment with assorted chocolate varieties as well.

9. Cappuccino makers

Cappuccino makers are excellent gifts for foodies

Take the finest gourmet coffee shop and gift it to that special foodie in your life. Specialty coffee makers are loved by most food connoisseurs due to their gourmet look and appeal. Pair it with some hot cocoa and beautiful cappuccino mugs to complete the package.

8. Rare teas

Rare teas make good gifts for foodies

Because rare teas are only found in the finest tea shops and cafes, they make beautiful gifts. Choose from favorites like Formosa Oolong, Silver tip white tea, White Darjeeling, Wild Rooibos, and Pure Assam Irish Breakfast, among others. Pair the teas with a unique teapot and package it with a special note inside.

7. Food gift basket

A food gift basket is great gift for foodies

There’s just something special about a gift basket filled with goodies! Consider fresh fruits, vegetables, fine wines, cheeses, meats and international delights. Tailor it to the taste and palette of the foodie in your life and always throw in a sweet gourmet treat to finish it off.

6. Wine aerator

A wine aerator is the perfect gift for a foodie and wine afficionado

Wine enthusiasts will love the speed and convenience of a wine aerator. These handy tools dramatically decrease the time it requires to let wine breathe. In about the time it takes to pour a glass of wine, you can enjoy the enhanced flavor and smoother finish of your wine.

5. Restaurant gift certificate

Foodies appreciates restaurant gift certificates

If you know your foodie’s favorite restaurant, you nailed it! If not, find out what type of food they adore, whether it is Italian, French, Indian, etc. Remember, you are dealing with a sophisticated food palette; the neighborhood café won’t make the cut here.

4. Decadent desserts

cheesecake from Fannie May

Whether someone says they’re on a diet or have sworn off sweets for life, I guarantee that a sufficiently decadent dessert will have them grabbing for a fork. The idea is to shoot for something the couldn’t get in daily like, so skip the store-bought cookies or mix cakes and go right for the extraordinary like a melt-in-your mouth, Trinidad cheesecake, super fudgy brownies or a heavenly flourless chocolate torte.

They may say they hate you for giving it, but when that first forkful reaches their mouth, they’ll love you even more than before!

3. Food of the month clubs

Food of the month clubs are an excellent gift for foodies

Cookies, cakes and pies… oh my! What a fantastic way to show that special foodie in your life how much you care. Your gift recipient will eagerly await a special food surprise every month for a year. You can choose from many varieties of food such as fruits, cheeses, wines, desserts and gourmet meats.

2. Homemade delights

Foodies appreciate homemade gifts for any occasion

A truly personal touch, homemade treats will warm the heart of your gift recipient. Grab a great dessert cookbook and bake to your heart’s delight. Consider specialized sweets like Linzer tarts, cheesecake bars, or three layer cookies. Wrap them in cellophane and gift them in a unique basket with ribbon and a gift tag with a personal note.

1. Chef at home

A chef at home is the perfect thoughtful gift for the foodie

Hire a five-star gourmet chef to prepare a special dinner at your home. If possible, contact a chef your special foodie knows or has enjoyed in the past. Pull out all the stops and make it a surprise. Send a formal invitation in the mail and make it a night to remember!


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