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Best of … gadget sites for techies

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 14, 2011
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One of sites from a list of the best of gadget sites for techiesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Everyone loves a good gadget; they’re fun, sometimes educational and always interesting.

But with so many interesting, slightly unique gadgets out there, it’s not easy finding the perfect one for the right occasion. With your interest in mind, as always, here are the best gadget sites for the techies among you.

Home Science Tools

Stuff for science

Telescope is one of the best gadgets for technies

When some people hear “techie” they immediately think of computer nerds with thick framed glasses and pocket protectors; and for good reason. However, there are techies out there that love all electronic gadgets, and this one’s for you. School resource stores have some of the coolest gadgets imaginable, like these gorgeous telescopes. The high-end models have the look and feel of home decor accessory. This beauty is just screaming for a prominent place in the den.

Essentials for tech geeks

One of sites from a list of the best of gadget sites for techies

For shoppers, this is an absolute must-have. It may or may not be the world’s smallest scanner, but it is certainly the coolest. These little backpack or laptop bag ditties will scan and digitize documents, recipes and even photos. When you’re ready, you remove the memory card, plug into your PC and you’re ready to go scan some more. And to think this is only one of the gadgets offers; this website is worth spending some time with.

Live View GPS

Keeping track of everyone

One of sites from a list of the best of gadget sites for techies

Like most parents, handing the keys over to the new, yet-in-her-mind-experienced driver is a bit nerve racking to say the least. Now you can ease some of those fears with the world’s smallest device of its kind the Live-Trac PT-10, one of the many GPS solutions from Live View GPS. You can even set this little beauty to alert you if (or should I say when) certain speed thresholds are surpassed. And since it’s portable, she can even carry it with her walking to the mall, skating rink, or wherever girls her age go nowadays. Parental hint: remember, it’s not that you don’t trust her; it’s for her safety…really.

Gadgets for gamers

One of sites from a list of the best of gadget sites for techies

We would be remiss if we didn’t include a techie gadget site that offers a wide selection of gaming accessories. So for you, the eternal gamer, we humbly submit, home of the Wii MotionPlus Accessory amongst a host of other gaming gadgets. This inexpensive add-on raises the motion sensor controls of the standard Wii to all new heights, and for under $20.

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