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Best of … leisurely living accessories

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 19, 2011
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One of the best of leisurely living accessoriesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Ah, a life of leisure.

Most of us dream about it, and summer gives us the chance to sample a taste, if not wipe the entire plate clean. As is the case with all things however, leisurely living requires leisurely living accessories. I mean, if you’re going to do it you may as well do it right.

And we have just the thing; some serious things the leisurely need among the ideas in our Best of Leisure Living Accessories.

Dozens of bulbs

The leisurely pastime of gardening

One of the best of leisurely living accessories

Since we’re already in the backyard, let’s meander over to the garden; a leisurely haven for green thumbs. If weeding, digging in the dirt and planting flowers and such is your idea of a life of ease, why not grow something that looks beautiful and will occupy hours of your leisure time? You can spend many autumn days in a comfy sweater, planning your garden, laying out and planting bulbs from to add substantial color to property. Which you spend leisurely hours appreciating in the Spring. Especially if you think in the 100s rather than by the dozen.

Needlework accessories

The leisurely past-time of needle arts

One of the best of leisurely living accessories

Here’s one of many leisure living accessories available at The Stitchery for the artisans among us. The Stitch Master Floor Stand is a must-have for those who love nothing better than spending the afternoon creating their own little masterpieces. If you prefer scrapbooking, sewing or other assorted craft-like leisurely activities, The Stitchery has you covered there too.


Traveling for leisure not business

One of the best of leisurely living accessories

Now it’s time to take off the kid gloves; leisurely of course. If you take your life of ease seriously (well, not too seriously, that wouldn’t be leisurely-like) no doubt you have travel plans. Why not try somewhere new? The Travel Video Store gives you the chance to get a feel for a place before packing up and heading out. This video on the U.S. Virgin Islands should get you in the right mood; easily making this one of the finest leisure living accessories around.


“Leisurewear” earns its name

One of the best of leisurely living accessories

The life of Riley demands comfortable clothing; it’s nearly impossible to feel leisurely in skin tight jeans and stilettos (doesn’t work for me anyway). At Soft Surroundings, comfortable clothing is about all they have, and a lot of it too. It’s hard not to feel more at ease just looking at this Caribbean Caftan. And providing an easy, comfortable feeling is what living leisurely accessories are all about.

Musical instruments

A passion for the leisurely arts

One of the best of leisurely living accessories

Now that you’re moving at a leisurely pace, it’s time to do what you’ve always wanted; learn to play an instrument. Banging on the bongos or learning the spoons are options of course, but few things sound nicer than a well played violin. If you’re a string enthusiast, there’s a good chance Southwest Strings will have the “leisure living accessory” you’re passionate about. Take this Yuan Qin violin for example, one of many beautiful instruments available at Southwest Strings.


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